What is the real evolution of smart cars?

Jul 22 - 2022


July 11 was the happiest and most surprising day for all the Extreme Kryptonians and Extreme Krypton car owners.

OTA upgrades are not new in the industry, but most OTAs actually focus on the level of car system upgrades, such as pushing a few themes, upgrading a few APPs, or enhancing a few roles, which are within the scope of OTAs, but this is only the initial stage, or only a small part of the cockpit domain, focusing on the entertainment system level.

So the OTA of the vehicle, can it enter into the body control aspect, into the chassis, driving assistance aspect? Let the customer feel the vehicle driving aspects of the update, transformation and upgrade, so that the vehicle can also5g gnss feel the upgraded driving aspects of the function after a year or two of purchase? The answer is to be able to.

The official version of ZEEKROS 3.0 upgraded by Extreme Krypton is a relatively thorough FOTA, involving 25 ECU modules, 29 new roles, and 204 feeling enhancements for the Extreme Krypton 001 with chassis, body, intelligent driving and cockpit to fully evolve.

In the cockpit domain, a new generation of Extreme Krypton intelligent cockpit based on the 8155 measurement and calculation platform upgrade was launched, with its choice of 7nm process 8-core CPU, 16G memory and 128G storage space. The ultra-computing rate and storage bandwidth can bring customers richer in-vehicle applications and gain significant improvements in human-computer interaction, graphics/multimedia image quality rendering and solution speed.

The 8155 computing platform replacement hardware is a complete intelligent cockpit domain controller, selected for non-destructive installation, the replacement of the domain controller can be completed with only 4 screws. The modification can be completed after the intelligent assistant upgrade, Gaode map, Tencent love fun listening, and its visible can say role.

In the intelligent driving domain, the newly pushed flying speed domain active cruise control (LCC + ACC) role, can make the vehicle can be in the 0-130km/h speed domain area, based on the driving speed automatically adjust the following distance, complete intelligent following. At the same time, the function also allows the vehicle to maintain centered driving, and can turn with the lane line for, can also complete the corner automatic deceleration, sharp bend warning take over and other roles.

It's worth mentioning that Krypton also incorporates a deep understanding of China's road conditions, around the usual driving three high-frequency risk scenarios, the release of the "antelope avoidance" role. When there is a large vehicle in the adjacent lane, Krypton 001 will follow the driving methods of people drivers, safe and smooth active avoidance; when there is a vehicle in the emergency lane is parked or open the door to occupy the road, Krypton 001 does not change lanes at the same time, to carry out speed reduction to avoid, as the old driver will drive to carry out predictions of the road conditions ahead that.

In the car body domain, before the extreme Krypton 001 for the card key, this time added a free Bluetooth smart key, with automatic unlocking, innovative senseless, NFC and other roles, and OTA upgrade, will also complete the role of remote parking, suspension adjustment. In addition OTA upgrade also adds ADB adaptive high beam and intelligent zoning lighting roles, making night driving safer.

At the chassis domain level, a newly developed intelligent anti-skid dTCS distributed traction control system is introduced, which can choose a solution speed 10 times faster than the mainstream TCS traction control system when signs of skidding occur at the wheel end, instantly distributing the wheel end torque, increasing the active wheel grip, helping the driver to quickly stabilize the car and strengthening the ultimate maneuverability of the whole car. For example, it can quickly 0.8 seconds when doing 0-60km/h acceleration test on snow surface.

In addition, the evolution of the intelligent drive system takes the upgrade of the Extreme Krypton 001 a step further and deeper. In particular, the newly released Thunderbolt conversion intelligent four-wheel drive system not only allows the Extreme Krypton 001 to achieve both high performance and long range, but also improves the overall vehicle handling and safety factor.

In fact, most people who drive electric cars have the habit of saving electricity and watching energy consumption, but they are not willing to compromise on high performance. Therefore, according to independent research and development, Extreme Krypton released the Thunderbolt conversion intelligent four-wheel drive system, which can complete the intelligent switching of three drive modes: all-day rear drive, full-time four-wheel drive and full-time four-wheel drive in the blink of an eye in 0.4 seconds, with both the majestic characteristics of 3.8 seconds and longer mileage, increasing the combined mileage under CLTC conditions by 34 kilometers.

It is worth mentioning that the thunder conversion not only makes driving smarter, but also more enjoyable. The special Polar Krypton drifting method for characteristic enthusiasts is being developed and tested, and may also be upgraded according to OTA in the near future, completing a lot of fun possibilities in addition to daily commuting.

There is no doubt that free of charge is indeed a surprise, but Krypton still has such a heavy and competitive role to play one year after the release of the product, which indeed brings a lot of imagination to the customers and to the future evolution of this product, which is always new and common.