[Dragon Boat Festival Recipes] Novice Bag Rice 3 Best Selection 1 Rice Leaf Bag

Jun 23 - 2020


For the Dragon Boat Festival and the Rice Festival, buy rice cakes and eat rice cakes. Be careful of the high calories of rice cakes. Don’t be too greedy for delicious food. Fatty or stagnant foods are unhealthy. There are 3 types of novice bag rice dumplings. Use 1 leaf or 5 leaves to form a triangle for self-use or gift giving. You can also use the "bamboo bowl method" pillow to wrap steamed rice dumplings and make your own.

There are three types of novice bag rice dumplings: including the trendy, light and "cool dip" crystal sago rice dumplings, The traditional thin and delicate bacon dumplings, And XO sauce bamboo leaf rice dressed as steamed rice dumplings。

[Crystal Mine Recipe] Sago Crystal Mine is crystal clear, time-saving, energy-saving, easy to make and easy to pack!

At that time, I learned to use simple methods to pack rice, and it was very successful. I was very excited. From "Don't learn to know", the traditional craft is "wrap the rice with leaves, it really has wisdom". So Bao Mi wrapped glutinous rice chicken, the former used bamboo leaves, the latter used lotus leaves. In fact, to change the idea, the glutinous rice chicken and the rice also have the same tune.

But after learning Bao Bao, he still feels that he has a lot of craftsmanship, either for personal use or as a gift. Compared to those made from glutinous rice, sago feels fresher and less greasy. Simmer for 40-60 minutes over medium heat. The sago is cooked. Let it cool down before enjoying. The flavor is excellent. Even if it is put in the refrigerator, do not need to refrigerate for too long, otherwise the sago will become hard. In the crystal clear sago, you can see the red bean filling, you can also use taro paste, chestnut paste and lotus paste, etc.

For the first time, it's easier to pack rice balls, two rice leaves, and a straw grass than you think! No need to dip rice, no cured meat, several kinds of materials are ready to buy, improvise, ready-to-eat, ready-to-eat, efficient and fun, especially the moment when the rice leaves are disassembled, the crystal and moist sago rice wraps the red bean filling completely, sweet touch Spontaneously.

[Egg yolk bacon dumpling recipe] Easy package dumpling method 5 pieces of dumplings!

Purely send festive blessings to family and friends, egg yolk bacon dumplings wrapped in 5 leaves, a pork belly, a salted egg yolk, a mushroom, a few dried shrimps, of course, the protagonist glutinous rice and peeled green beans.

Pork needs to be marinated overnight and rinsed. Mushrooms are marinated in soy sauce and sugar for 2 hours. One hour of glutinous rice is enough, and seasoned with some salt. It is best to soak the mushrooms for one night.

【XO Sauce Bamboo Leaf Rice Recipe】Vegetarian Pillow Mian Piao Perfume and Sticky Rice Must Know the Golden Ratio

According to the information, some registered dietitians said that making healthy rice dumplings can use lotus seeds, mushrooms and chestnuts to replace Jinhua ham, bacon and salted egg yolk and other processed foods, which can help reduce sodium content. You can also use eyebrows, red beans, quinoa, Red rice and barley can replace some glutinous rice, increase the content of dietary fiber, increase satiety and maintain intestinal health.