Create green life with heavy bamboo material bamboo.

Jun 23 - 2020

Create green life with heavy bamboo material bamboo.

The famous gourmet Su Dongpo once said that he would rather eat without meat than live without bamboo. It is evident that Su, the great gourmet, loved bamboo even more than food. Although this statement by Su Idol is a sad story for the majority of foodies, it also reflects that bamboo plays an important role in the hearts of traditional Chinese people.

So why could the ancients live without bamboo? What is the deep meaning here? China's own research and development of new building materials heavy bamboo will tell you the answer.

Heavy bamboo, also known as reconstituted bamboo, is a new type of bamboo material that reorganizes and strengthens the bamboo material. The bamboo is crushed into bamboo filament bundles, which undergo a triple experience of drying, glue dipping and re-drying, and then hot pressed into shape by grouping blanks to finally form this new bamboo material - heavy bamboo. From bamboo to bamboo teaspoon heavy bamboo, its physical properties are fundamentally changed by reorganization, with strong compressive strength, hardness and stability, which has many advantages compared with traditional wood materials.

The advantages of heavy bamboo over traditional wood materials are firstly reflected in its environmental attributes. It has almost no pollution and very little waste in the production process. Its main production material, bamboo, has a short growth cycle; bamboo can be shaped in 3 to 5 years and the felling process causes little damage to the environment. Wood has a growth cycle of 20 years or more, with slow resource regeneration and a greater impact on the environment.

Compared with the performance, bamboo is a natural sound insulation material, after a series of processing in the production process, heavy bamboo panels also have a higher density than ordinary wood panels, and are harder, more wear-resistant, and more resistant to scratches. Traditional wood is not as soundproof and durable as heavy bamboo material without the heavy organization of fibers during the heavy bamboo processing.

According to the analysis of home use, heavy bamboo has better waterproof performance because of its hardness, water swelling, small drying shrinkage coefficient, and not easy to deformation. In addition, heavy bamboo is subjected to high temperature steaming and carbonization during the production process to remove nutrients such as sugar, fat, starch and protein, making heavy bamboo materials super resistant to insects and mold, far better than traditional wood.

Heavy bamboo material has many advantages such as environmental protection, strong hardness, high density, good heat dissipation, corrosion resistance, not easy to wear and tear, not easy to deformation is the new star of China's building materials market, but also by many excellent building materials companies.