The further development of the relationship between the two sexes, 5 points of advice

Jun 24 - 2020

1. Different toys to use different lubrication

Silicone material toys anti-allergy, harmless to the body, with silicone lubricant with silicone toys, may make small toys deformed, damaged or even completely dissolved it! As for water-based lubricant, it(震蛋玩法) can be used on any material toys.

2.Dildo ≠ Dildo

Dildos are mainly toys that can be used to vibrate and make you feel the tingling stimulation. The vibrators are subdivided into external massage (such as nipple and bean stimulation) and internal massage of the yin tract, and some are even dual-use!

3. Read the description carefully.

Different companies products, have different characteristics, and for different people, so we can read the correct instructions and use, in order to receive better results.

You need to give the toy a chance

Just like a fun toy that just got in, you may be afraid of the toys that will enter your body at first, but you can't start experiencing the fun in time?

Everything for one person

I'm not saying that you must pass every time you fap with your boyfriend, open the nightstand and ask him to choose which country toy we want to play with today, that development may affect the psychological problems that cause him to think that you don't need him anymore and that toys are better than him.

But if you are excited today, you can look at your boyfriend and say, "Baby, do you want to do something today? ?" Because in the process of exploring toys together, they will also learn more about each other's bodies, sexual sensitivities and sexual fantasies!

Everyone has a need to develop sex in their lives, and it's everyone's right to enjoy the pleasure of consuming sex.

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