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Vaginal dryness or a prelude to disease? 4 ways to solve awkward problems

Jun 24 - 2020


Some women are more likely to cause vaginal dryness, and vaginal dryness Vaginal dryness(陰道乾) can affect the feeling of sexual life. In the long run, we may cause sexual apathy, and may also affect the relationship between couples in our country. Why do some of their women experience vaginal dryness?

What is the cause of vaginal dryness and itching?

1. Excessive cleaning

What are the causes of vaginal dryness and itching? In life, many women need to pay attention to self-realization cleansing and nursing, especially for many girls who think that the vaginal discharge is very dirty, often through repeated deep vaginal washing. But such an excessive cleaning causes vaginal secretions and beneficial bacteria should not be retained, leading to vaginal dryness.

2. Unbalanced diet

Speaking of the causes of vaginal dryness and itching, if a female friend has an unbalanced diet, especially a lack of vitamin B2, it can also cause vaginal dryness, mucous membrane congestion and even ulcers. In addition, female friends with an unbalanced diet may also be accompanied by keratitis, dry skin and peeling.

3. Endocrine disorders

The secretion of estrogen can also ensure the normal secretion of leucorrhea. When women’s problems have endocrine disorders, it will not only lead to irregular menstruation, but also reduce vaginal secretions, which can cause vaginal dryness and itching in social women. Therefore, our country needs to actively participate in the regulation of endocrine, to help improve our physical development and gradually begin to recover.

4. Genital infection

What is the cause of vaginal dryness and itching? If a partner has sex with a female vagina, it will cause vaginal congestion or even swelling, damage to the vaginal wall mucosa, lead to infection, and even induce a variety of diseases, and vaginal dryness will be more serious.

4 ways to relieve vaginal dryness

1. Positive examination and treatment

There are many reasons for vaginal dryness. It is recommended that female friends go to the hospital for professional management and technical examination in time. If it is caused by vaginitis, some corresponding treatment measures should be taken under the guidance of a doctor. Early treatment of the disease can also effectively prevent and other related complications.

2. Do not use vaginal lotion frequently

Some women do not have friends who have the habit of cleaning and vagina, and some women buy their own vaginal lotion to clean the vagina. But this is actually wrong. In some studies, vaginal lotion will not only disturb the vaginal flora and cause vaginal flora imbalance, but may also aggravate the natural dryness of the patient’s vagina.

3. Use lubricants correctly

If the problem of dryness cannot be solved immediately, women can use vaginal lubricants to relieve the problem of vaginal dryness through friends when they live together. Especially for menopausal women, due to changes in hormones in the economy, the vagina will become dry. The correct choice of lubricants may be relieved.

4. Estrogen supplements

This method is more suitable for women who have vaginal dryness due to lack of estrogen in the body. In addition to improving dryness, estrogen supplementation also has a good protective effect on the uterus and ovaries.

Obviously, there are many reasons for female vaginal dryness and itching, and people in different countries may have researched different reasons. I hope everyone can actively develop and adopt some relevant nursing management measures to protect their own health.