Why do our young people nowadays so students like to order takeaway?

Jun 24 - 2020

A. The influence of the family environment

The parents of this generation's favor, many household chores from childhood is the completion of the parents of adults, they(網購優惠) do not need to hands, such as growing up, parents also appreciate the work of children, ah, the hardships of going out.

Many "giant babies" so appear, even the rice will not do is already home, let alone want to cook a meal.

Second, life has become better.

Now many of our families socio-economic development are much better than before. There are enough conditions to analyze the take-out, and the take-out now is not very expensive, relatively public.

Third, the time of young people are valuable.

Nowadays, young people. Working hours are more, working hours increase, commuting time is also long, colleagues and friends. Social time increased, no spare time to cook, the thought of the kitchen fumes, and those pots and pans.

Do not have that kind of patience. Work pressure is also relatively large. Sometimes I have to go back from work to repeat some of my colleagues or friends' messages. Usually the work is not stable, there is no free time to cook.

Fourth, takeaway and other platforms are more benefits, and can be operated. Convenient, suitable for the rhythm of young people in China.

Now many people order takeaway, in addition to students feel that they can conveniently deliver to the door and do not have to cook through their own food, but also feel that ordering takeaway is cheaper than cooking and buying food.

Because the network platform enterprise in order to the country to encourage customers to order more consumption, will push as well as some economic benefits. How much to buy, how much will be reduced when full, so much better than we find ourselves paying for supermarket management or service market to buy food.

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