The water dispenser that can be put into the pocket can drink hot water in 3 seconds!

Nov 23 - 2021

Every day when I go to work and sit on the work station, the first thing must be to go to tea and have a cup of hot water indirectly. Because the work starts to be busy, I can't even drink water.

In the morning, you often have to line up to pick up the water. If you want to make a cup of oatmeal breakfast or coffee, you will see the red light on the machine. The water temperature is not hot enough, which is very annoying. It will take another 5 minutes for the water dispenser to reheat.

Some colleagues have their own electric kettle. The original limited desktop space is occupied by this giant in a flash. Typing and picking up things often touch by mistake. The roar of boiling water also affects the office.

The water dispenser that can be put into the pocket can drink hot water in 3 seconds!

The water from the portable folding kettle always has a faint "plastic smell".

Boil water for 6-7 minutes at a time, and wait for the water temperature to drop. When thirsty, I especially think that if there is a small portable water dispenser that can control the water temperature!

The hot water dispenser put on the table by ouon is smaller than a book, it doesn't take up space at all. It only takes 3 seconds to heat, and there are 3 intelligent temperature control sections. It's more intimate to make milk and tea, and the child lock can prevent scalding and automatically clean~

With it, there is no need to "compete" for water fountains, or even leave the seat. At hand, there is a "private water source" that is exclusive to itself.

The portable design can easily solve the problem of drinking water and health during business trip, and is no longer afraid of "the hotel wipes everything with a rag, and the kettle cooks underpants"~

As a water dispenser, it's really too small! The size of the water machine is only 5.8 × 10 × 18.8 (CM), the height is about the same as that of the iPhone 8p, and the weight is only as light as a 500ml bottle of mineral water.

It's smaller than a girl's make-up bag. A coat with a deeper pocket can fit in it!

In the past, a pot of water was boiled for at least 5 minutes, and then it was allowed to dry for another 5 minutes until it reached the entrance. In addition, it was necessary to use the tongue as a "human flesh thermometer".

It's super fast and doesn't have to wait. It can also control the temperature intelligently. You can drink hot water comfortably in 3 seconds!

That is to say, the heating body is designed with six channels, the high-purity quartz glass tube is used as the water carrier, the outer layer of the tube wall is covered with 5 μ m thick electrothermal film, the water and electricity are completely separated, the drinking water flows through the tube, and the flash heating is up to the set temperature, that is, the drinking water is burned.

Not only is the water fast, but also the temperature setting is very considerate. In addition to the conventional 100 ℃ boiling water, there are 45 ℃ and 70 ℃ water temperature options, all of which are 3 seconds of water.

When you are thirsty or taking medicine in the middle of the night, you don't have to wait all the time. It's very convenient to drink cold water and hot water.

At 100 ° C, boiling water is naturally required for tea making. When you stay up late and work overtime, you can make noodles in a bowl and eat them immediately.

70 ° C is the temperature that can be slowly imported. When brewing coffee, it can fully release the mellow of the drink.

45 ° C is the most suitable temperature for young parents with babies at home. No longer need to bother to mix water to test the temperature. Now it just won't burn the mouth.

Before drinking water, you must first press the "child lock" key design, especially considering the situation of children's accidental touch in the home scene, to prevent the baby from being scalded.

What's more, it also has the function of automatic stop when the water is full. The water output is set at 200ml each time, so you don't need to stare at the water outlet all the time.

If you don't need that much, press the "function" button at any time during the water discharge process to stop the water discharge.

All operations are completed by touching the screen on the top of the water machine. The operation is simple and clear at a glance.

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Connect the water source, power on the machine, tap the "child lock" key, and then tap the "function" key, you can select the desired temperature of water.

Short press the "function" key, the cleaning function immediately after the temperature mark, can remove the residual water in the water machine, and keep the water machine clean.

The installation of the external mineral water bottle is also very simple, just screw the interface equipped with the water dispenser together with the mineral water, and then plug it back into the host interface~

We have tried many kinds of mineral spring bottle mouths on the market. The common jars, such as Yibao, Nongfu mountain spring and Baisui mountain, can be filled, and there is no need to worry about finding suitable bottles outside.

Take it anywhere, plug in a water bottle and you'll get the hot water you want right away.

Like in the office or at home to brew tea partners can also start the whole set, set with a detachable 1.5L water tank, a person drink all day long enough.

The water tank can replace the bottled water used for business trip, and the installation is extremely simple, which satisfies the lazy people's careful thinking about not installing electrical appliances.

The mini water dispenser is also equipped with a 92cm water pipe, which can be connected to a large volume of bottled water.

We put a bucket of water at the bottom of our desk, and put it into a bucket for a table of people to drink for about a week. It's super convenient, and there's no need to go to the tea room for hot water.

With it to say goodbye to the cumbersome traditional water dispenser, home and office desktops are super suitable.

The utility model also provides a very practical storage bag for the regular travelling partners, which can store the water dispenser and accessories, and is convenient for carrying out.

When others are still worried about whether the hotel kettle has cooked strange things or not, you have already drunk clean and warm drinking water with your own water dispenser.

There are cooling holes at the bottom of the water turbine, which will not overheat if used for a long time; the four anti-skid pads at the bottom make the water turbine more stable; the fixed frame at the bottom side of the water turbine can make the water turbine stand more stable.

If you want to drink water at night, you can reach it without fear of overturning.

A cup of mellow American coffee will double your spirit before you go to work. In the afternoon, you can make a pot of health tea, which will make the whole office fragrant~