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How to choose an online payment interface? How to do not enough technology?

Mar 03 - 2022

How to choose an online payment interface? How to do not enough technology?

Compared with offline payment, connecting to online network payment is much more troublesome, and if you want to realize the connection to online payment, APP payment gateway you can give a bunch of interface documents and then leave it.

The procedure is also more complicated, and you can only choose your own public account, and both payment management methods need to be opened, so the workload will be doubled.

In contrast, the online payment channels provided by integrated payment companies are much smoother. Technically speaking, the aggregated payment companies are already connected and trying to adjust each payment channel.

Not only can they connect to Alipay WeChat, but major banks can also connect directly, and the collection accounts are not limited to public accounts.

In terms of online collection, in addition to connecting to APIs and SDKs, aggregated payment companies offer payment methods that can be customized to connect to membership management systems and order management systems to achieve convenient collection.

Lower technical threshold. Strong backend business processing makes account statistics and management more convenient.

Therefore, it is more convenient for companies to choose the channels provided by aggregators than the official dead-end online payment channels, which require less technology and are easier to connect, it can also be customized according to the actual situation, and it is also lower in terms of rates than stopping at the official channels.

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