What exactly does UnionPay do? Why is it everywhere?

Mar 10 - 2022

What exactly does UnionPay do? Why is it everywhere?

Social role:

1. Construct, operate and manage the national bank China unionpay credit card card inter-bank information and data exchange network;

2. Provide professional services related to bank cards and information exchange between banks;

3. Carry out bank card technology innovation and promote the development and application of bank cards;

4. Formulate business norms and technical standards for bank card inter-bank transactions, coordinate and arbitrate disputes over inter-bank transactions;

5. Realize the cross-bank, cross-regional and cross-border use of all banking services;

(6) Maintaining the market order of bank card acceptance and preventing bank card risks;

8. Realize the interconnection and resource sharing between commercial banking systems, and ensure the cross-bank, cross-regional and cross-border use of bank cards.

China UnionPay's Service System

1. UnionPay Commerce Co., Ltd.

China UnionPay Commerce Co., Ltd. is a national professional service group engaged in the bank card acceptance market. Relying on an extensive service network, high-quality service team, advanced management and leading technology, it provides high-quality, efficient, standardized and professional bank card acquiring services for card issuers, special merchants and cardholders.

2. UnionPay Data Information Service Capability Co., Ltd.

UnionPay Data Information Service Capability Co., Ltd. is a professional company providing bank card data analysis and processing technology services for the development of financial management institutions, integrating and providing solutions, service platforms and network economic infrastructure required for various bank card businesses.

3. UnionPay Electronic Payment Capability Co., Ltd.

UnionPay E-Commerce Payment Capability Co., Ltd. is a professional knowledge payment platform company for the development and application of bank card value-added services. It has a unified enterprise payment gateway for the whole country - ChinaPay. Mainly engaged in online banking payment, online inter-bank transfer, online fund transaction, self-service terminal payment and other bank card online payment and value-added services based on the Internet and other emerging market channels.

4. Bank Card Testing Center

The bank card testing center is a testing institution for bank card products and equipment. It has the qualification of national testing center and EMV testing laboratory that meets international standards. Scientific and impartial technical quality inspections are carried out on various bank cards and acceptance machines to ensure the smooth progress and safety of bank card transactions.

5. China Financial Certification Center

China Financial Certification Center is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China UnionPay. Approved by the People's Bank of China and the State Information Security Administration, it has established a third-party Internet security certification agency by issuing digital certificates for online banking, e-commerce, and e-government security certification services. .



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