Payment method entangled? Here's a suggestion.

Mar 21 - 2022

Payment method entangled? Here's a suggestion.

Payment is the most important and critical part of the sale of goods, directly linked to the consumer culture experience, and closely linked to the willingness to pay.

If this link is not done well, it is impossible to get potential new customers, omnichannel payment processing and old customers will be lost, so a payment management method that is very much in line with market demand has a huge impact on the flow of water.

1.APP payment

app payment is the merchant through the mobile application APP in the integration of open SDK to call the payment module.

2.H5 Payment

Mobile web design to display goods or services, the user can confirm the use of the enterprise in the aforementioned page payment, the merchant launched this service can evoke the client, network payment.

This requires the merchant to have an H5 mall system website and we need an ICP filing in order to realize the application information access. We also recommend that you choose not to use H5 payment in the APP as much as possible.

3.Bill Payment

For air travel, hotels and other payment methods, you can include airline tickets, insurance payments and payments to different merchants. On e-commerce platforms, different merchants can purchase different items.

One-time payments are more convenient and quicker, and can be used to purchase different items from different merchants in just one transaction, giving users a comfortable experience.

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