Many cardholders don't know much about credit card fees

Apr 20 - 2022

Many cardholders don't know much about credit card fees

Now there are three types of rates.

The standard category is 0.6%, the exempt category is 0.38% - 0.48%, global payments card processing fees and the public interest category is 0.

The standard rate is: 0.45% for card issuers, 0.0325% for CUP (charged by card issuers and payment institutions respectively), and the handling fee charged by acquirers = 0.6% - card issuers - CUP network service fee.

Exemption: 0.325% from card-issuing banks and 0.0325% from CUP (from card-issuing banks and payment institutions respectively), with a general fee reduction of 0.38%-0.48%.

Public welfare category: 0 rate

As you can see from the above data, the handling fee of standard merchants is the highest. As long as you check the credit card bonus point rules, the merchants that calculate bonus points by swiping the card are all standard merchants. For example, restaurants, department stores, hotels, etc.

All of the above rates refer to credit cards swiped at pos machines, i.e. traditional offline card transaction fees. Nowadays, due to the popularity of online payment, many cardholders often use online payment, so this commission is different from the above mentioned normal offline commission, which is usually 0.35% or 0.38%.

In addition, this kind of transaction does not take CUP, the bank can get very little commission, so you will find that most types of cards do not have credit, except for some types of credit cards issued by many banks that support online transactions.

The card commission deduction is merchant, such as the cardholder in the hotel (standard 0.6% 0.6% 0.6%) postal brush 10000 yuan, then the hotel actually collect 10000 - (10000 * 0.6%) = 9940 yuan.

Deduct 60 yuan, unified payment, the percentage of third-party payers.