The seven characteristics of the efficient rate of software asset managers

May 26 - 2022

The seven characteristics of the efficient rate of software asset managers

Why are companies interested in software asset management?

In IT asset management services, Software Asset Management (SAM) is a more comprehensive process. It involves software procurement of management enterprises. Implementation and maintenance. This is its focus, and people can understand its content through Google's explanation of SAM.

With the development of enterprise business, its diversified software asset inventory is also growing. Laws .it. Finance, procurement and other departments usually associate these assets and deploy them. Therefore, enterprises need a powerful asset management system to effectively control and optimize the use of these software assets.


SAM process involves complex review licenses to ensure compliance. Compared with manual testing, the automation characteristics of the SAM system are almost wrong. This will further reduce the risk of software permits. The SAM program can also establish an existing software list throughout the device range and help cloud management.

Because we know what SAM is, we will know what SAM stands out in the existing vertical field. The following is the seven characteristics of the efficient software asset manager:

1. Establish a first -class team.

The most important point of

SAM is that this is a team work. Although it can be started as a whole or as a whole, companies will soon realize that a special SAM team needs to be created to achieve effective governance. The update of the management license and security agreement is very important for software asset managers, establishing an experienced expert team.


SAM team will include SAM analysts, SAM consultants, software asset administrators, software asset administrators and SAM administrators. According to the specific requirements of the enterprise, organize a team. Combining human skills and automatic problems, software asset management is very similar to crowdsourcing tests.

Due to software procurement and deployment of enterprise IT, law, finance and other departments, encouraging cooperation between vertical fields is very important for the success of software asset management. Therefore, it is necessary to encourage the team to conduct oral and non -oral communication to define the SAM target for everyone.

2. Classified software assets.

Remember to check the inventory and find out what software in the current inventory. Through the detection function of SAM tools, software asset management personnel can find all existing licenses and open source software in the system, including any possible copy. The SAM tool should be able to browse the device. Cloud platform and GOGLESEARCHAMP to find each installation software. After completing the list, divide the software into the following three parts:

High-priority-Software compliance risk is high, which has the greatest impact on business.

Low-priority-open source software has the least impact on corporate technical costs.

Blacklist -mainly includes malware.

Once software assets are determined and classified, we can plan how to optimize them and reduce costs.

3. Select the correct SAM tool.

In order to determine the SAM tools suitable for its company and help the team improve the performance of software or applications, it is necessary to study it. Therefore, before choosing, it is necessary to measure the efficacy of the selected tool according to the main points:

License management-measures the effectiveness of the management function of the tool permit. A good SAM tool should be able to review the right to permit. It can determine which aspects of its company obtained excessive permission, which leads to excessive expenditure. If the permission is insufficient, it will bring compliance risks.

Software Discovery-Complex SAM tools should have software discovery functions of all software installed on the tracking system. This helps to identify any duplicate versions and invent the inventory.

Flexibility-No matter how complicated the tools, it must eventually be compatible with the existing software structure of the enterprise. The flexibility of the SAM tool is also very important, and can be customized according to specific business needs.

scalability-This tool should be scalable and can provide support with business growth.

Security Function-A complex SAM tool can track and restrict software installation on the enterprise system. This can reduce the risk of data fraud. Data related to software assets are usually confidential and are protected by strict security measures. It is not recommended to provide public access to all users. Good SAM tools should allow enterprises to grant the right to access to the selected users in the enterprise providing unified communication instant services.

4. Software license recycling.

As a SAM leader, we need to check the license and ensure that the software license is retracted as much as possible. This can save the cost of buying new software and any maintenance costs. In order to reduce costs, recycling software permits in advanced IT environments is particularly common.

Usually, when employees leave, the device assigned to their device will be recycled and re -assigned to new employees. Quality assurance (QA) automation can help solve this problem.

5. Prepare for audit.

Software audits are becoming an increasingly common approach. Prepare to accept compliance with compliance with the requirements of the enterprise. It should be remembered that a bad audit work will destroy the hard work and reputation of the company for many years.

As a software asset manager, we need to master the permission of all software. Find out excessive permits and lack of permits. Samiso1970-2 and ISO1970-3 must meet the SAM standards.

Enterprises need to ensure that all aspects of their software portfolio are ready for review. Specify the IT team to test all existing software using manual and exploratory testing methods. For its audit process, it is also important to find different types of tests.

6. Get higher management recognition.

It is very important to obtain higher management support before implementing the SAM policy. Let them understand the advantages of the SAM team, list the specific advantages they provide for the business, and list all the costs they save. Remember that they are people who signed the procurement agreement, so they need to review what they see. As a software asset manager, we must introduce the functions and influence of SAM to them. They must believe that a stable SAM strategy is very important for optimizing the use of software assets lte iot.

7.Sam successful measurement.

After the implementation of the SAM policy, it is important to evaluate whether it is successful. Set the tracking KPI is a good start. In this way, software asset management personnel can share the success of the SAM strategy with higher management and other corporate members. Its measurement standards include:

The total number of software licenses to unused ratio.

The recycling of annual value.

Software assets are currently used percentage.

Once the company chooses and purchases the software asset management system, it is necessary to ensure that it is implemented smoothly. Reaffirmed the previous view: SAM is not a person's job. Ensure that senior managers and other teams can be familiar with the new SAM tools and provide training in each step. Contact suppliers and get detailed guidance for effective deployment. Suppliers usually have a customer entrance template from entrance to exit. The correct deployment of SAM tools helps optimize asset utilization and improves the return on investment.

SAM: Change the digital world.

In short, the relevant data of all software rights cannot be found through a single tool or system. Some tools are more suitable for their software detection functions, and some tools may be more suitable for licensed management. Each function requires specialized technical expertise, and a single SAM tool may have no same professional knowledge, and no functions.

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