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Online recurring billing is more humane without repeat orders

Jun 07 - 2022

Online recurring billing is more humane without repeat orders

If a customer needs to buy the same product regularly, placing a new order each time is not user-friendly. There may still be people who don't understand this feature, but it is quite common in online shopping. Once a payment system has this feature, it is no longer necessary to chase customers for money, and customers can make repeat purchases on a regular basis.

Online recurring billing increases repeat purchases

The customer's shopping experience often has a direct impact on the repeat purchase rate, and if the online platform has a good shopping experience, it is believed that it is easier to establish a cooperative relationship. Once this relationship is formed, repeat purchases can be made through the online recurring billing function. Instead of writing multiple payment slips for customers, the platform can simply use a standardized template. Recurring billing can be set up for time periods, purchase quantities, and even offer conditions, and automatically send payment slips to customers.

Online recurring billing for accurate deductions

Anyone who has been paying attention to news reports will probably have heard about the phenomenon of third-party payment institutions and even banks deducting fees indiscriminately. The answer is no. The answer is no, because after the system presets the conditions for periodic purchases, it can automatically and accurately make the deductions and send a notification to the customer's bound cell phone. The accuracy rate is even higher and safer than manual input by the customer.

Online recurring billing to protect customers' needs

When customers are busy, they often forget to place their orders. If you set up the platform in advance, you can avoid this embarrassing situation by making repeat purchases through online recurring billing. Especially when customers need these products urgently, online recurring billing can clearly protect customers' needs. Through this feature, the entire buying and selling cycle of the customer is automatically controlled, making it easier for both the buyer and seller.

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