Machining center key for what parts processing it?

Jun 10 - 2022

Machining center key for what parts processing it?

At the time of CNC machining braun thermoscan thermometer center hardware, all the rotating parts that can be clamped with general CNC lathes are able to use CNC machining center. Machining center in the hardware configuration production process processing precision, with parallel line arc tool radius compensation, fully automatic speed control characteristics, its technical scope is much wider than the general CNC lathe.

Machining center stiffness, Graphics miner manufacturing and tool setting instrument high precision, can be easy and accurate into the manual type adjustment and fully automatic adjustment, and thus can produce and process the parts with the required precision against the specifications. In addition, the CNC blade fitness movement of CNC machine milling is based on high precision tool radius compensation fitness movement and stepper motor propulsion. In addition, the CNC lathe can also produce and process parts with high rigidity, production and manufacturing of high precision, specified bus bar parallelism, cylindricity, coaxiality look precision. For the arc and other curved figure corridor, the production and processing look is closer to the geometry look required by the assembly drawing than the copying CNC lathe.

Machining center has the role of precision cnc machined parts fixed angular speed drilling, can use a good angular speed drilling spherical surface and internal hole, can make the roughness value after milling small and uniform, can produce the appearance of the roughness value of small and balanced parts.

On the machining center, it is possible to produce and process not only straight external threads of indexed circle diameter, tapered external threads, and internal external threads, but also external threads of indexed circle diameter and successful articulation with each other. When milling external threads on the machining center, the spindle of the machine does not need to be changed and replaced as in the case of a general CNC lathe, and the cycle system can be continued until the end of the process, so the machining center can produce external threads with high efficiency.