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What is post-loan management? Post-loan management is common for SMEs

Jun 14 - 2022

What is post-loan management? Post-loan management is common for SMEs

Post-loan management refers to the sum of post-loan management management actions, including post-loan management plan, capital account supervision, post-loan inspection and daily tracking, post-loan management report, guarantee (person) supervision, risk monitoring and analysis, risk Early warning and processing, post-loan management meeting review, credit asset risk classification, non-performing credit asset management, interest and credit recovery, file management, etc. Due to the characteristics of high risk and low income of SME loans, the bank's post-loan management of SME loans is a necessary guarantee for loan recovery loan computer(貸款計算機).

Three major significances of strengthening post-loan management of enterprises.

Establish strict, standardized and scientific management procedures, clarify the management content and requirements of each link, and effectively prevent and control credit risks. Strengthening the management after the loan is issued is of great significance for the bank to recover the loan.

First, it facilitates timely identification of risks. After the loan is issued, the bank loses direct control over the funds and is in a passive position in the game with customers, with information asymmetry and many uncertainties. By strengthening post-loan management, banks can detect risks in a timely manner.

Second, it facilitates close relationships with banks and businesses. A loan is a transfer of value and rights. Its capital return and appreciation are closely related to the operation of the loan object. Banks and customers are a community of interests. By strengthening loan management, it is beneficial to understand customer needs, solve problems in customer service, prevent and solve risks, and ensure that funds are returned on time.

Third, it helps to improve an advanced credit culture. Credit culture is the sum of the credit management code of conduct and values ​​that bank practitioners abide by.

Strengthen post-loan management, further improve the risk management system of the whole credit process, further improve the bank credit culture, make advanced credit culture a line of defense to prevent and solve risks, and inject new vitality into credit management Cards returned(還卡數).

Post-loan management is the basic work of credit management for small, medium and micro enterprises, and it is the concrete embodiment of the implementation of the three loan inspection system. Over the years, banks have encountered problems such as pre-loan, light-loan, heavy development, light maintenance, heavy delivery, and light management, resulting in the accumulation of a large number of non-performing assets. The formation of these non-performing assets is closely related to the negligence of post-loan management.

Common problems in post-loan management of SMEs.

The problems existing in the post-loan management of small, medium and micro enterprises are mainly manifested as follows: first, the post-loan management system is not clear, the post-loan management institution is not implemented, the post-loan management and decision-making are separated, and the levels are asymmetric; third, the post-loan management The content and procedures are not standardized and not implemented; fourth, the responsibility investigation is not in place and not implemented.

This makes post-loan management a mere formality and cannot play its due role in risk control and management. Therefore, in order to standardize post-loan management and promote the institutionalization, standardization and procedure of post-loan management, banks must formulate post-loan management systems whatsminer m30s++ for sale, establish and improve post-loan management organizational systems, clarify the main responsibilities of various departments and individuals for post-loan management, and standardize post-loan management. Post-loan management content and operating rules to avoid bad debts and non-performing assets to the greatest extent possible.

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