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Before buying a dedicated Bitcoin miner, understand the following concepts:

Jun 14 - 2022

Before buying a dedicated Bitcoin miner, understand the following concepts:

Computational power. The computing power of a bitcoin miner represents the rate at which bitcoins can be obtained. For example, the current network-wide computing power of 32.54EHu002Fs generates 1900 bitcoins in 24 hours.

A miner with 4T computing power theoretically generates about 0.0002 bitcoins per day, m31s miner which is about 10 RMB.

The power consumption rate of a bitcoin mining machine is expressed in terms of power consumption. A 1000 watt mining machine requires 24 hours of electricity for 24 hours.

Cost. In terms of electricity consumption, the average household electricity supply is about 0.5 RMB/1 kWh. metal prototype fabrication A mining machine that consumes 24 kWh of electricity per day costs $12.

In terms of network, coal miners do not need high network, 1M bandwidth can reach 150 coal miners, the cost is almost negligible.

Back to this cycle = (daily revenue - power)/mineral price, back to this cycle is only a theoretical number of days, saas payment gateway the bitcoin market is changing daily and the difficulty of calculating it is increasing, plus the pool and trading commissions.

Therefore, it is difficult to calculate the exact time to return to this cycle.

When we intend to buy a bitcoin miner, the most important thing is the price per t of computing power and the ratio of computing power to power consumption.

The higher the compute power, the higher the natural return, but if the price per t of compute power is too high and the return cycle is too long, the risk becomes greater.

The miner is composed of dozens or even hundreds of ASIC chips. The computing power can be increased without limit, but high computing power also means high power consumption, which will also increase.

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