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On the importance of independently powered narrowband IoT in urban emergency management

Jul 11 - 2022
5g narrowband iot

The July 20 rainstorm caused major casualties, but ironically, in 5g narrowband iotrecent years, there has been construction of smart cities, sponge cities, especially their bridge and tunnel flood warning intelligence systems just before the floods were accepted. But it turns out that all smart systems are for show in the face of floods. Because the flood caused a power outage, and no electricity intelligent equipment is ultimately just a pile of scrap metal, and there is no difference between garbage!

Obviously, 5G, AI, and big data have become the focus of investment in many cities now. With cameras and sensors, it seems that people can control everything through a big screen. But the fact is that when a rainstorm comes, the big screen and command center are in darkness, so not only can they not command properly, but also cannot understand the situation on the front line. That's because the base station equipment is supported by power equipment with high energy consumption. Without electricity, natural 5G base stations are not functional, and our cell phones, even with power, will have no signal to make calls. The ultimate temporary communication restoration relies on the UAV airborne base station equipment. So Lao Yu was wondering if the city could build an intelligent monitoring backup system that relies on permanent power supply, independent of the existing power grid, for early warning of extreme weather. Of course, considering the need for tens of millions of data collection points, this type of intelligent monitoring system mostly with small data or logic signal transmission, the terminal needs to be extremely low power consumption. So now there is such technology in China?

Low power consumption, large links in fact they are also a very important development direction of 5G technology. Previously for us in China has been misled by a brand of NB-IOT, NB-IOT is the narrowband information technology companies currently have the most major uses, as well as social functions completed hundreds of millions of terminals for device links, but NB-IOT is built on the basis of base stations of telecommunications network operators, although students usually low cost, but the company did not get completely no independent low-power base stations. So NB-IOT is obviously not conducive to the construction of such a low-power emergency base station that can be independent. Old fish also checked the relevant research materials, the old U.S. LORA technology control system is in line with such emergency capacity requirements, in the old U.S. emergency resource management, LORA is often used in emergency backup communications, and in the United States domestic smart grid, agricultural production system at the same time there are more application analysis cases, and in the temporary place to build the need for narrowband applications of different scenarios, LORA also LORA can be more quickly and effectively set up the system. But because after all, LORA technology is subject to the old U.S., and in the level of emergency security management system in terms of communications engineering technology education must be a fairly rigorous matter. So this paper chose the old U.S. LORA must be a last resort to adopt. Then as the domestic have such technology? Since a brand is in the lead in 5G, a low-power narrowband communication software technology based teacher should improve also have a lot of similar technology, right?

In 2019, the domestic electronics technology group established a technology company based on 5G narrowband technology: some kind of image technology. According to reports, the company has a complete 5G narrowband base station, low-power communication chip, data acquisition sensor technology, that is, the layout of independent narrowband communication capacity and data acquisition capacity. In addition, the maximum coverage of narrowband base stations can reach 20 kilometers, that is, if the narrowband base stations are laid out in such a city, theoretically 10 base stations can basically cover the urban area, the power supply of the base station is equipped with a large battery. Narrowband communication modules for data acquisition to achieve low-power communication, according to the product description, currently powered by button batteries. The communication terminal module can achieve up to 10 years of standby. Such technology would be very useful even in heavy rain, those critical pipes through sensor data we can quickly control. If there is a default, if there is a significant risk, basically this can be achieved through short data that can guide the emergency measures to be taken.

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