When buying children's clothing, you must understand the knowledge of children's clothing

Jul 12 - 2022
 Childrens Sweaters

Children's clothing fabric selection

Fabric is the most intuitive response to determine the comfort of a garment, Childrens Sweatersespecially children's clothing, the softness, lightness, tear resistance, washability requirements are higher. Especially the recent development of children's clothing to the direction of leisure, requiring soft and sweat-absorbent fabrics, breathable, less irritating. Cotton with its comfortable, sweat-absorbing and other advantages to become the main fabric for children's clothing. Secondly, hemp, silk and other natural materials are also good materials for making children's clothing, but because children are more active and mobile, so the wear resistance of clothes is also very important.

Children's clothing color, pattern

First of all, we have to judge from their own children's body type and skin color, the children with dark skin tone, to choose high brightness, high purity, more bright colors, spirit as well as eye-catching clothes. Children with bright skin tone carry children's clothing products in a wide variety of different colors, such as wearing pink, yellow, red, people will look more lively, bright, while wearing gray, black, people will look very handsome beautiful and elegant.

While paying attention to the adaptation of the color to the child's skin color, but also pay attention to the child's body type and children's clothing color match, obese children who want to choose cool or dark clothes, it can play a role in visual contraction. Make up for the child's physical defects, but also enhance the child's self-confidence; for thin children, wearing warm, light-colored clothes can give a warm feeling and a more plump visual.

Children's clothing shopping needs to know

When choosing clothes, do not forget the principle of safety first. Many children's clothing fabrics currently contain phosphorus, formalin, free formaldehyde and other harmful substances. If children wear these clothes containing harmful substances, some children will develop skin allergies, redness, itching and other symptoms, and some children will continue to cough, leading to bronchitis and other diseases.

So when choosing children's clothing, be sure to pay attention not to buy children's clothing with anti-wrinkle treatment, try to choose small patterned children's clothing, patterned print is not too hard. Try not to buy bleached children's clothing. Smell the child's clothes when you buy clothes there is no strong pungent smell.

Children's clothing to buy home, it is best to rinse clean with water, do not wait to give children themselves to wear new clothes, because corporate formaldehyde is easily soluble in water, more washing can be done by effective methods to reduce some of the harmful ingredients in the clothes. After the child wears the new clothes, if there is no problem skin allergy, emotional disturbance, poor dietary control, persistent cough and other symptoms, should go to the hospital for clinical treatment as soon as possible.

If the clot color is seriously off, children's skin will be dyed by the dye, and under the effect of biocatalysis, bacteria will undergo a reduction reaction and release carcinogenic aromatic amines, which will spread to the body through the skin and become the cause of human diseases.

Therefore, when choosing the color of intimate apparel, consider choosing more light colors, and in the case of dark children's clothing, wash it after purchase for children to wear. If you find that the clothes fade badly during the washing process, you need to pay special attention.