The necessary SEO methods and strategies for fast optimization and ranking of corporate websites.

Jul 14 - 2022

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See a business management website for fast development optimization ranking google seomethods and strategies to study this title, some no friends will certainly think that students we want to talk about cheating behavior way fast ranking, in fact is often need to pay attention to for our friends certainly know that we are doing white hat seo start, we love white hat strategy to do seo. the reason to write this article, our purpose is to The reason why we are writing this article is to explain to you that doing white hat seo is also something that teachers can do to optimize the ranking of corporate culture website information quickly.

So, what are the methods and strategies to quickly optimize the ranking of corporate websites?

1.Website structure

White hat can not be separated from the adjustment of the website structure, and we need to do business website fast optimization ranking need to consider how to layout the website in order to quickly discharge the ranking:

① Layout

Layout of a business website, first of all, we have to consider what resources the enterprise has to do google SEO, what are the requirements. According to the general rule, most corporate websites do not have too much content to update, while the number of keywords required to rank is relatively small, are industry words, so we chose the pyramid layout, mainly for the first page ranking.

②Internal chain

Site for the structure of another important component as well as part is the internal chain, especially for business management website, content research less, more need to do weight information transfer through the use of internal chain, we can recommend that the 5-10 content made text links to form their own a closed loop, and then in one of the articles to do internal chain pointing to the home page optimization keywords, usually the home page are more than optimization to provide a major keyword. So if we want to record the frequency of sprockets pointing to the home page keywords to avoid over-optimization of resources.

2. Release content

As the content of the enterprise website is too little, we do enterprise website fast optimization ranking need to consider the quality of published content: the


For the quality of the articles on the enterprise website we recommend as original as possible, of course some content in the form of data, it is difficult to be original, in order to original and original content is not necessarily high quality, for example, in the form of data to add some less relevant original content, we recommend, as far as possible to choose: how to choose, what features, how much, the title of a class of content first, the content can be more space for originality.

② Frequency

At the beginning of the business, you do not need to publish too much content. Fill in all the categories can be online, the daily release frequency to ensure 1-3 articles. After the end of the sandbox period, the site will be ranked, and the number of articles released each day will increase according to the increase in spider crawling. So we need to prepare a certain amount of original articles to avoid publishing breakdowns.

3. External chain strategy

Doing enterprise station seo is different from large websites, enterprise station relies more on external chain, so we need to do enterprise management website for rapid development optimization ranking need to do external chain release product strategy.


In addition to presenting different styles, there are different types of chains, such as off-chain navigation, off-chain soft text, off-chain B2B, off-chain high weight, off-chain irrelevant, etc.


We suggest to launch the website first and make 10 high quality outbound soft text for corporate website and 10 outbound navigation. The function of the former is to give a good impression to the search engine in the initial stage of the website, while the latter is to speed up the promotion of the website.

With the site out of the sandbox period, we still need to do a certain amount of B2B and high power links every day, which relates to your energy and investment. Fast optimization of business website ranking, you can send 10 links per day.

When the site has some keywords can enter the top 10, after a certain influence weight, the need for social exchange weight equivalent friend chain to stabilize keyword ranking, and we should pay attention to the home page keywords corresponding to the friend chain, do not refer to optimize the design of an important keyword, to be directly based on the high and low ranking of enterprises to compare the even distribution.

In the enterprise website on the rapid optimization of ranking methods and strategy issues we discuss here the above content is for reference only.