Because it is impossible to choose, many people say that mopping is exhausting.

Dec 16 - 2022

Although the shape of some

Mopping is not an easy chore because it requires physical exertion to take care of the corners of the ground, electric mop cordless electric spin mopbut now a variety of new products, to a certain extent, can also relieve the labor of mopping, today's article will give you those mops on the market, to help you choose the most labor-saving mop.

Because of the cost, this mop is basically a wooden stick fixed several strips of cloth, cloth is also mostly some colorful waste cloth strips, some may lose color and hair, this mop after absorbing water needs to manually wring or dry, laborious and not easy to wring dry, because the hair strips more, not easy to dry. Because there is more hair, it is more difficult to dry, mold, and odor.

Cleaning strength is also general, and some hair and other debris are easy to wrap in it. However, most families have not chosen to use this mop, despite the low price.

Second: the rubber cotton mop, rubber cotton mop price is not high, the good thing is that the drainage is relatively effortless, grab the handle a stretch to squeeze out the water, but after drying the rubber cotton will become particularly hard, need a long time to soak to restore expansion, if not dry then it is easy to mold.

Cleaning power in general, hair lint, etc. can be sliding along with the mop adhered to the mop, or rinse, best electric steam mopbut the rubber cotton is not very durable, easily broken, and must be replaced frequently.

Third, dumping bucket mop, this mop is more expensive, ranging from dozens to hundreds of dollars. Although the shape of some cotton mop is similar, dumping bucket mop in a better cotton material, and then you can dump the bucket for cleaning and drying, saving manpower, without manpower to stir wring mop.

This dumping mop mop does not leave water stains, is lightweight, and the drag down stains can also be electric mop vs steam mopunified collection, directly dumped.

Fourth, the flat mop, this mop has a hand-wash and a hand-wash-free, the advantage is to cover a larger area, and then you can drag the sofa under the table under the narrower places, hand-washed need to unwind the mop cloth cleaning alone, machine wash is similar to dump the bucket, cleaning can be dehydrated in the bucket, very convenient, and the long life of this mop, the cotton cloth is old directly replace the cotton cloth can be.