chores done quickly and accurately in a limited amount of time?

Jan 12 - 2023

chores done quickly and accurately in a limited amount of time?

Here are a few of the author's experiences in doing housework to see if they can be of any help to friends.

1, daily after returning from work, to their bags a combing.

When you go out for a day, the bag you take out seems to turn into a bin. When you get home you need to empty your bag of all its contents. Open your bag, remove the rubbish and sort out all the contents into a basket.

Include business cards of people I've just met, new planning materials, new publications ...... and think back to what I've done today.

The next day, whether I'm using the same bag or a different one, I move the items from the basket to the bag the same way. There's no need to panic about going through things. The same goes for your wallet. When you get home, check the contents of your wallet. Collected slips etc. are stored in a billfold in the study.

2. Keep cupboard countertops to a minimum of clutter

In order to feel comfortable cooking in the kitchen, it is important to think not about the movement path, but about the amount of effort it takes to move. It is important to keep items in the cupboard as small as possible, and to keep the cutlery as close to hand as possible. Therefore, the total number of dishes should be limited. The key to easy access is not to stack utensils as much as possible.

If you do have to stack similar utensils, do so as little as possible. The more you stack, the more energy and time it takes to move.

3, washroom water foam blisters to dry on the spot

Wash your hands and remove your make-up on the washstand after a heartbeat. Splash the blistering water foam with the paper towels in the washstand drawer to wipe off. After wiping, still use this paper towel to wipe the mirror and faucet, to do "on-site scrubbing".

4, use paper towels to wipe kitchenware - generally used and discarded, wipe fast, wipe clean

After dinner clean up the kitchen chores, many small portable vacuum cleaner people feel too much trouble, do not like, or even want to eat the next meal to focus on finishing. In fact, it's time to "spread out the chores" to help us reduce the hassle. Take a break from cooking to wash the dishes and quickly wash any unused kitchenware.

If you tidy up your kitchenware as soon as you've finished using it, you'll have less trouble doing it later. Use paper towels to wipe down everything from the countertop to the water. Throw them in the bin straight afterwards. Paper towels that are used and thrown away are so convenient.

Keep them under the sink or under the sink where you can get to them when you want them. Put your spares on a shelf in the foyer for "centralised management". Fresh and tidy aftercare.

I use paper towels to scrub up kitchen stains, which is much better than using a rag.

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