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Is it necessary to vacuum all of the cat hair? You're far too gullible!

Feb 14 - 2023

as nail clipping

Making the bed

Cats enjoy sprinting to the bed. Every morning when I wake up, I see my cat owner rechargeable handheld vacuum cleaneradmiring my beautiful face.

It's both happy and sad. Cat hair on the bed is extremely irritating. Cat hair can become trapped inside the cotton fabric's structure and cannot be completely removed with a vacuum cleaner.

I usually clean up the scattered cat hair with a hard sponge, little by little, using the friction principle, you can clean up the cat hair very clean, with a hard sponge after processing, you can on the mite cleaner or vacuum cleaner and then a deep clean.

When there are pets in the family, the bed sheet cleaning frequency is slightly higher than in the average home, but also frequently disinfection, as when washing the bed sheet, some disinfectant can be added.

Cleaning the couch

Cats love to scratch the sofa, as we all know, and having a leather sofa in the house gave me a Zimmermann Kids HKlot of grief, as nail clipping at the veterinary hospital is often impossible. Until I discovered a magical tool, coarse cloth sofa cover, I didn't mind the cat scratching the sofa.

It is also simple to clean; simply use plastic gloves dipped in water to clean it, and then wipe away the cat hair. This method is extremely effective; the general fabric on the cat hair can also be used in this manner. It works extremely well.

Floor and tile cleaning

Without any special treatment from us, the floor and tiles can be safely handed over to the vacuum cleaner or sweeper on the floor. The smooth material of the floor auger is ideal for vacuuming, and it can clean deep into dead areas that we can't reach, as well as corners. You can mop the floor after cleaning it with the vacuum cleaner tool. When mopping, it is best to mop in one direction so that any remaining cat hair can Jimmy Wongform a ball for your cat owner to enjoy.

We don't need to deal with fine cat hair on the floor and tiles; leave it to the sweeping robot and vacuum cleaner; they can easily handle it. Because of the smoothness of the floor and tiles, these vacuuming tools perform best when used on such surfaces. They can also reach dead-end areas that we cannot, and the corners are very clean. We can mop the floor after cleaning it with vacuum tools. When mopping, we should drag in one direction so that the residual cat hair forms a ball that is easy to clean.