How to drink whisky with style like the British

Feb 22 - 2023

How to drink whisky with style like the British

1、Whisky is called "the water of life" by the British

Whisky the name originated from the Gelt drink "uiscebeatha", meaning "water of life", with nearly a thousand years of change has evolved into "Whisky" The word.

2, the British can not leave whisky

Although many people's eyes of the Britishwhisky course people are quiet, but in fact, they also like to go to the pub, order some high number of beers and spirits (whisky is very popular), and talk with friends. But in Scotland, a meal of seven large dishes means a bottle of whisky and six large glasses of beer.

3, whisky has even become the secret recipe for longevity of some British people

Britain has a long-lived couple, the two couples together have more than 200 years old. The wife Phyllis every night before going to bed to drink a small glass of whiskey, the purpose is to promote sleep. She believes that their longevity is also due to the two can get along, a healthy diet structure, regular exercise and non-smoking, a daily glass of whiskey also helps health.

4, the British love Scotch whisky

According to the origin of different, whiskey is mainly divided into Scotch, Irish whiskey, American whiskey, Canadian whiskey and Japanese carpet and hard floor steam cleaner whiskey. And a mention of whiskey, we must say the same thing to Scotch whisky. Since Scotch whisky is one of the best whiskies in the world, it is considered the uncrowned king of whisky. In addition, Scotch whisky also has the "British national liquor" reputation, loved by the British public.

5、What kind of whisky can be called Scotch whisky?

According to the regulations, the alcohol concentration of Scotch whisky after distillation must not be higher than 94.8%, and must be matured in oak barrels for at least 3 years, but also 100% brewed and matured in Scotland.

6、How do the British drink whisky?

Generally speaking, the British people like to Kids21 drink whisky net, also known as pure, is not to add anything to the whisky, but at room temperature to drink directly. First smell the aroma, then try a sip, slowly taste. This kind of drinking method can let you taste the strongest whisky, but also can best reflect the characteristics of whisky.