college student go after graduation, which is equivalent to being laid off?

Feb 28 - 2023

college student go after graduation, which is equivalent to being laid off?

First, the labor market has shifted, and there is a severe shortage of high-level technical talent.

In terms of the overall talent market, the lack of general college graduates, the lack of high-grade technical talents, and the lack of senior best vacuum cleaner wet and dryskilled workers, the imbalance between supply and demand is what leads to the increasingly high salary of some professional talents, the total amount of income is more stable premise, the general graduate wage water guidelines will be correspondingly offset, and many college students are arrogant, believing they are the pride of the sky, is a high skepticism. They are not looking for white-collar jobs, they are overly ambitious and lack vision, and many incorrect self-perceptions cause them to miss out on opportunities for advancement.

Talent is increasing as the times change, and many college graduates are graduating each year. Every college graduate about to enter society wishes to find an ideal decent job, but there are too many congee and too few jobs to meet the requirements, which must result in college graduates being unable to obtain the ideal salary.

Second, college students' theoretical knowledge is far inferior to their practical skills.

Because university academic pressure is low,OTC antigen test many people can only master basic professional knowledge during university, but they cannot study in depth or combine with the actual situation, and they have no idea what work they can do in the future and no practical experience.

They are overly ambitious, incapable of enduring adversity, incapable of doing mental work, and despise physical labor. They are initially picky, unpractical, and unwilling to work, and their wages are naturally lower than those of hardworking and capable workers.

Third, there is an overabundance of college students, and some popular majors are oversaturated with job opportunities.

The benefits and drawbacks of university scale expansion in recent years have long been obvious. The benefit is that more students can enroll in their preferred university to learn their preferred professional knowledge. The disadvantage is that there are a large number of college students, and the quality of graduates varies. And in recent years, finance and economics majors have been booming, and candidates are piling upthe chinese university of hong kong qs ranking to study in such courses, but the job market cannot provide jobs to match, resulting in many college graduates "being left".

Of course, after graduating from college, you can apply for civil service in addition to regular employment. Every year, millions of people apply for civil service examinations, with students constituting the majority. On the one hand, civil servants can help college students with their employment issues, while also providing them with a more stable job.