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Hair serves four functions; is shaving hair harmful to the body? Now tell me

Mar 01 - 2023

possibility of infection

Hair is found all over the human body in various locations, including armpit hair, dermes hairlesspubic hair, hand hair, foot hair, beard and chest hair, and so on. The more androgen countries, the more hair will tend to flourish; this is not a big problem for Chinese male students, but it may be embarrassing for the female community. Is there any significance to hair on the human body? If shaved will have an impact on business health development? Let us now analyze and investigate to learn more.

What exactly is the function of hair?

1. Sun protection, 2. Cold protection

Unquestionably, the presence of hair has a protective effect on the body. Take the most common hair, for example, it can protect the scalp, reduce direct sun damage to the scalp, and also reduce direct head damage when the impact. Hair can also protect against the cold. The more vigorous the hair is in winter or cold areas, the less likely the head will catch a cold.

2.Infection control

These hairs filter dust and bacteria that enter the nasal cavity, lowering the possibility of infection. dermesAnd brow hairs protect the eyes by keeping dust out of them and preventing eye inflammation. The same can be said for perianal hairs.

3.Control your body temperature

Because hair is longer than the body's surface, it can control heat loss and help regulate and maintain body temperature within a certain range.

4.Secondary sexual characteristics signs

After puberty, male and female second human sexual characteristics of the person begin to develop systematically, and with it, some differences in hair development will exist. The appearance of the second sex characteristics to analyze and identify is that men will grow beards, body hair will become larger and larger, and female pubic hair will be more exuberant.

Is it possible to shave one's hair?

Will there be any health consequences if the hair is cut off because each part of the hair has its own function? In fact, some hair removal methods, such as weekly shaving for men and regular underarm shaving for women, are perfectly acceptable for both sexes.

Furthermore, excessive growth of perineal hair is not conducive to cleanliness. It will eventually lead to dermesbacterial growth and infection; patients should be properly shaved at this time. Additionally, in the case of crabs or trauma, hair will obstruct treatment or wound healing and should be shaved at this time.

In general, shaving can be done selectively based on your needs and the current situation, but you cannot shave blindly, as this is harmful. And, as you are aware, newly grown hair will be more luxurious after hair removal, which is an undesirable situation.

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