Carpet cleaning is difficult and time-consuming; do you want to clean up quickly and efficiently?

Mar 06 - 2023

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It gives me a headache just thinking about cleaning the carpet. Do you experience the same issue?

Because the use of carpets to look good and beautiful, but also to protectvacuum cleaner for carpet and sofa the floor, but the carpet after a long time, is very dirty, so you must know the daily cleaning, to keep neat and tidy, then the carpet can be how to clean it? I'll send you some carpet cleaning advice.

Use a vacuum cleaner on a daily basis to clean. Carpet pile is prone to dust accumulation. A vacuum cleaner is an excellent tool for dealing with dust that has become embedded in wool carpets. For the first step of dust removal, use an upright vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet over a large area; then, for places where dust falls especially badly, such as under the coffee table, corners, along the edge of the bed, carpet side for meticulous treatment, secondary cleaning should be thorough. Vacuuming the carpet must be done on a regular and consistent basis! If you do not clean the dust for an extended period of time, the carpet's surface will become discolored and deteriorated, and it will be too late to clean it once mold appears.

To remove stains, use dry cloth tissues. When coffee, cola, or juice andKenzo Kidswear other drinks are accidentally spilled on the carpet, this small area of stains should be treated the first time with a dry cloth or tissues to absorb the moisture.

Then, dampen a dry cloth with vinegar and gently pat it on the stain. The stain on the carpet will be wiped away if you pat it a few more times. Take the broken glass fragments by hand, sweep out the large fragments with a broom, stick up the tiny particles with large adhesive paper, or dip up with wet cotton, and then shake off the fragments on the balcony.

To remove odors, combine warm water and vinegar.

Many friends at home will have pets, especially in the winter, and many friends may like to sit on the carpet and play with dogs; however, even if the dog is frequently bathed, some odor will remain on the carpet. It will be especially embarrassing if it is not cleaned in time when guests arrive. In this case, we can add vinegar to a moderate amount of warm water, then soak a clean rag in the warm water, wring it out, and wipe the entire thing down the floor once or twice. Remember to dry the carpet after it has been cleaned. These home carpet cleaning methods are more practical and simple to learn.

Different stains are prescribed for the appropriate treatment.

Carpet stains on the stain to be removed as soon as possible, but different stains have different methods of stain removal, the correct cleaning to avoid harming the carpet.

Coffee and tea stains can be removed with ammonia. To clean silk and green testwool carpets, use oxalic acid detergent for 10-20 minutes and then wash away, or a 10% glycerin solution.

Vomit stains: one method is to wipe with gasoline, then 5% ammonia, and finally warm water.

Remove edible oil stains with volatile solvents such as gasoline or carbon tetrachloride, and clean the residual part with alcohol.

Soy sauce stains: To remove new stains, first brush with cold water and then wash with detergent. The old stains can be brushed away with warm water and detergent, then rinsed with clean water.

To clean a juice stain, use a 5% ammonia solution first, followed by detergent. However, because ammonia is harmful to pure wool carpet fiber, it should be used as little as possible. Instead, use commonly available citric acid or soap cleaning, which can also be combined with alcohol.

You will no longer have to worry about cleaning carpets if you follow these cleaning carpet tips.