Selection of children's toys need to consider safety and playability

Apr 17 - 2023

Selection of children's toys need to consider safety and playability

In the child's growth stage, children's toys are essential products, it can make the child's childhood no longer dull, but also to develop intelligence, help children exercise hands-on skills. However, there are many kinds of toys, the purchase should pay attention to the age-appropriate distinction, but also to consider the safety, even the more popular silicone toys in recent years, and then the design and function of the same safety hazards.

Children's toys should be careful parts

If the child is too small, children's toys above the parts may produce greater risk, once dropped by the child accidentally swallowed will cause choking. Some of the seemingly safer children's toys can also have hidden dangers, such as rupture when squeezed, falling small accessories have the opportunity to be accidentally eaten by children, more common on the inflatable piston of silicone children's toys, can easily be swallowed by children, obstructing breathing poses a serious safety risk.

Children's toys to be careful of chemicals

In addition to the small parts on top of the toy, when buying children's toys to beware of the chemical composition, especially the Consumer Council announced that there are problems with several products are not recommended to buy. During the production process, some toys may add carcinogenic substances, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, plasticizers exceed the standard and other problems also occur. The above-mentioned chemical ingredients can directly affect the health of children, when buying the product should also pay more attention to what materials and pigments used to make the product.

Tips for choosing children's toys

In the case of avoiding the above-mentioned problems, the purchase of children's toys also requires certain tips, the packaging label will have detailed product information, many parents do not really pay attention to, such as different toys will be for the age, be sure to choose the right product for children to play. Secondly, the lack of novelty of simple toys, children may lose interest in a very short time, if you want to change this phenomenon, be sure to choose to play with a variety of toys to avoid waste, but also to develop the child's determination.