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What is the main technology behind unmanned warehouses?

Apr 27 - 2023

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Almost all existing unmanned warehouses are only targeted to amr roboticssolve a single or a few storage operation scenarios under the unmanned storage operation, the biggest difficulty is to flexibly support various storage operation scenarios, and the soul of the whole system comes from the WCS and WMS software. Today's unmanned warehouse technology is not the use of epoch-making new equipment, new technology, but the integrated use of a variety of existing equipment, with the biggest challenge being how to be able to integrate the existing technology together to flexibly support a variety of warehouse operation scenarios.

The main equipment of unmanned warehouse can be divided into handling equipment, storage equipment, shelving and picking equipment, sorting equipment and other auxiliary equipment, according to the operating scenario of each warehouse, only part of the equipment may be used; for example, the whole box / pallet storage and delivery may not require shelving and picking equipment; sorting equipment may not be needed for every order-by-order delivery.

The use of unmanned stackers, unmanned forklifts, KIVA-like robots, and unmanned tractor trolleys is increasing in order to better support flexible operations.

In addition to storage equipment, there are mainly stacker cranes, multi-level shuttles, rotating shelves, multi-directional shuttles, AutoStore, etc. With the development of AGV technology, many AGV carts can pick baskets/boxes or even goods from shelves on their own.

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Picking and shelving equipment. The system is primarily composed of a variety of mechanical arms, ranging from ordinary multi-joint robots to parallel robots such as spider hands, etc., that can be used for zero split shelves and picking. Currently, there are two main ways in which goods are obtained: grip clips and suction cups. With the current unmanned warehouse technology, one of the biggest challenges is to achieve high speed and flexibility in zero shelves and picking for different commodities.

Sorting equipment. Naturally, there are many sorting machines, such as rollers, swing arms, sliders, crossbelts, and other systems or equipment that can achieve the sorting function, such as Lidar's AGV trolley sorting system.

Other auxiliary equipment, such as palletizing robots, automatic box folding machines, automatic box sealing machines, automatic bagging machines, online weighing and measuring machines, online scanning machines, automatic labeling machines, and RFID readers.

Warehouse automation is becoming more "less humanized", "unmanned" in order to get more market recognition. The idea of the warehouse designer is what makes the whole system work, through WMS and WCS software to coordinate the commands of all the automated equipment to complete the entire storage operations. This will result in even if two warehouses use the same automation equipment, their final realization of function and effect will be very different.