How to adjust pdf to word formatting mess? Rest office both

Sep 12 - 2023

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Hello, to bring you this issue of PDF to Word format mess how to adjust the dry content,convert scanned pdf to word online free after reading the useful can be collected!

PDF to Word why the format is messed up? ‍

In fact, this is a relatively common situation, one is to see how we convert PDF is from, and the second is to see whether the PDF page layout is complex, let's analyze the situation more.

1. Different PDF conversion methods lead to formatting misalignment


Many problems, we need to scan the traditional paper documents into PDF this electronic file for preservation,scanned pdf to word converter online but through this way the scanned version of the PDF is extremely easy to convert to Word format when the beginning of a mess.

Cause analysis of most of the scanning time because of irregularities in the scanning or scanning quality is not good and other reasons, the document is not placed flat or put a good, crooked how there will be a good layout it.investintech free online pdf to word converter It is recommended that you can choose some of the better scanning instruments, or choose some of the better reputation of foreign OCR recognition tools, with high-quality recognition capabilities.

Generated PDF files

If you are using Adobe Acrobat DC PDF converter editor to convert PDF files directly, remember to set the layout of the source page, or export the converted fonts may be crowded together.

2. PDF content complexity leads to formatting errors

Text, images, tables and other formats. In pdf content, even some attachments and so on. In this case, it is not possible to convert a PDF with a complex layout to word through one-click conversion.

For different formats of electronic documents to be converted, it is necessary to use some tools. You can choose some of the conversion quality is better to complete the tool can meet most of your requirements. For example, PDF Converter, the quality of conversion is better, the conversion of articles, pictures, tables and flow charts and other quality and accuracy are higher, I use the PC version of the results, there are also online versions can be used.

Make sure the version is the same as the original PDF. It also supports plain text and formatted text output. We can choose "Post-Edit Friendly" and "Maintain Typography As Much As Possible" to meet different needs.

How to adjust pdf to word formatting? It's right for both rest and office! Do you know the reason for the reference above? One is that some of the contents of the pdf document software can not be well recognized, the other is the document itself is very complex. Solution:Friends can choose a better format conversion software.