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5g modules will provide ground power for products

Jul 25 - 2022

lpwa 5g

X55's chip-based remote 5G modules are RG500Q and RM500Q lpwa 5gsupporting Sub-6GHz for the global market, and RM510Q supporting Sub-6GHz and millimeter wave for the overseas market. All these modules are compliant with 3GPP R15 standard, support SANSA and are backward compatible with 3G WCDMA 4G LTE LTE-A and other standards.

RG500Q series issues are very much needed for their own gateway products, at present, China has reached the state of economic volume shipments, the future CPE products will also be in the home, industrial IoT are very huge growth and development space. In addition, can also be used for laptop devices, both Intel, or Qualcomm can now have begun to constantly promote the often connected structure characteristics of student laptops. In addition, YuYuan provides special research based on Qualcomm QAC6391 chip Wi-Fi 6 module, no need to do COB program, you can get to achieve our a social bottom a full set of solutions design solutions, so that set-top boxes, CPE, intelligent control of home and other products must have 5G + Wi-Fi 6 capabilities.

For 5G vehicle network applications, YuYuan has launched the module AG550Q supporting 5G+C-V2X, which can be used in combination with YuYuan's module AF50T for Wi-Fi 6, providing a reliable 5G+Wi-Fi/BT application solution for the vehicle sector. It meets the requirements of hotspot, data upload, and vehicle monitoring for in-vehicle information processing.

Each module will assist in product landing

"Selling a module does not mean the end of an order, rather, it represents the beginning of a service. said the chief operating officer of Mobile Communications at the summit. The reason behind this statement is that modules require a high level of development capability from customers, so follow-up technical support is also important. The unveiled multi-platform mobile communication module also reflects the service concept, which can help customers save time and cost and achieve faster product implementation.

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