What is a child's high chair?

Feb 21 - 2022

What is a child's high chair?

Babies are growing and getting out of the arms of their parents. So when you feed your child delicious baby food, you need an artifact to ensure the baby's safety, and that artifact, is the child's high chair.

A child's high chair, also known as a child's high chair, is a high chair specifically designed to help children eat. When babies unknowingly rub up to the age where they can eat without breast milk, parents will begin to worry about how to get their babies to eat well, and a children's high chair can be a good solution to this problem.

Children's high chair usually consists of a stool, four frame armrests Combi High Chair, a backrest ramp and four high feet. When feeding the baby, put the baby on the high chair, not only can raise the height of the baby, convenient for parents to feed the baby, but also well fixed baby usually like to move when eating small arms and legs, so that parents in feeding easier.

Classification of children's high chairs.

In terms of materials, children's high chairs are usually made of wood, plastic, metal and other materials. In the past, people used simple wooden high chairs with relatively simple processes and functions. But now, with the development of technology, the market for children's high chairs are more and more styles and functions. The following are two common types of children's high chairs.

1. Plastic multifunctional high chair.

The fastest change in children's high chair is its function, from a simple chair can only be eaten as a baby, to the current function, not only a plate, seat belt, some can also be folded, lift, and even play music, massage to the baby, as a rocking chair and other functions. Plastic multifunctional chair is a common style of baby high chair. Due to the characteristics of plastic materials, in the production and processing of plastic high chairs, you can design some curved curves according to the development of infants to improve the comfort of the chair. And plastic high chairs are generally very diverse in shape, less restrictive than wooden high chairs, can be designed into a variety of shapes as needed, the color can also choose any match, better integrity.

2. Wooden multifunctional high chair.

Wooden multifunctional high chairs are not very different in function from plastic materials, with folding and lifting options, some even have pulleys, and can often be used as a stroller. In addition, many wooden high chairs are removable, the base and backrest and other components can be removed one by one. This removable high chair not only saves space where it is usually placed, but can also be used as different tools, such as a high chair when the baby is small, and a table and chair when the baby is older.