Father's Day|Tan Weiyang talks about dad’s love and responsibility

Jun 24 - 2020

Father's Day|Tan Weiyang talks about dad’s love and responsibility

  As the saying goes, "Daughter is the father's lover of past life", what he said is true! No matter how tough on the court or how annoyed as a coach, when you go home and see the cute daughter, it will melt instantly.

  Tan Weiyang, a retired A1 player who has been transferred to the coach, was "accepted" by his daughter Tan Yishi. From time to time, she shared her daughter’s photos on the Internet and talked to her daughter with a "doll tone". This kind of "contrast" is The power of previous lovers.

  On the day of the visit, Tan Weiyang (A Yang), who was nearly 2 meters tall, hugged her 22-month-old daughter Tan Yishi (Poetry Poetry) and his wife to see the cute bag face and BB sound of "Poetry Poetry" , "Melting" is not only Tan Weiyang, but also all the photographers on the scene.

  Novice dad is in place

  Recalling the moment when "Poetry Poetry" was born two years ago, "Ayang" was still full of flavor in his heart: "When I heard her first cry when she was born, I can only say that I was really moved, from a couple's identity to a father, Mother, it has changed a lot." The arrival of the child is not only touching but also touching. In this way, "Ayang" started to learn the daily life of being a "daddy" from scratch.

  Every novice dad was probably very nervous at first. How to flush milk powder, change diapers, and adjust the temperature of the bath water, "Ayang" learns slowly, "She grows bigger now, in fact, I used to be I don’t know how to help her quit milk bottles and drink water with a cup. I only learned from other parents sharing on the Internet. I learned it. I really learned while doing it. Now I’ve got started, because except for "Poems" My brother Tan Yiqian is also 5 months old."

  When children grow up, they all stumble. When it comes to the thrilling deeds of "Poetry Poetry", even "Ayang" who is used to various scenes is very nervous...

  The daughter's disengagement scared "Ayang"

  "Once "Poetry Poetry" was completely free of any collisions and falls, but kept crying. "A Yang" who didn't know the reason immediately went to the hospital for medical treatment. After the doctor's diagnosis, he found that "Poetry Poetry" had an elbow, "The doctor said This situation is common for children before the age of 1, and it’s okay to return to their original position, but I am very heartbroken. The child is injured and is more fleshy than himself." "Ayang" usually suffered many injuries on the court, but The pain in the body of "poems and poems" must have been more painful for him than any injuries. This is the most real feeling after being a dad. "I want my daughter to grow up healthy and healthy."

  Spend all the time with children

  Watching "Poems" grow from a baby in her hands to a little girl who can run and walk, "Ayang" bluntly said that the child grew up quickly, "Sometimes I looked at her and suddenly found her talking and vocalizing , Or she knows how to say "sweet" when she eats orange, and the current feeling is "too big to be fast." When children are always unexpected, they make parents feel like they are "big". "Companionship" is very important in the fastest growing stage of children.

  However, "Ayang" is busy with his work. Can he always be accompanied by "Poems"? "Before the child was born, I expected to spend a lot of time with her. Later I found out that it was not only "a lot of time", but to give "all" time to her, so our trips are based on children."

  I started to understand the daughter who said "don't want"

  Parents are so selfless dedication, even if the work is busy, the children are still the first. As the days grow, "Poetry Poetry" is about to enter the age of "Trouble Two", expresses itself more than before, and begins to be assertive. Recently, learning "No, No" makes it difficult for "Ayang" to cope: "My girl often says "Don't want, don't want", "No, No, No", if you call her to kiss her father, she will say "Don't want", but sometimes she suddenly catches me tin tin tin, At that time it was very sweet." After saying that, "Ayang" was spoiled and watching "Poems and Poems". No wonder he admits that he likes his daughter very much.

  "I think my daughter is a little more filial, and boys are really difficult to take care of. Just like my son, he often cries but doesn’t let me hug, the whole family can’t hug me alone, and I don’t know why he cries, "No enemy is a father and son." "It really is." "Ayang" shared helplessly the difficulty of taking care of his younger son. Although he felt a little frustrated, "Ayang" still had a fatherly love: "But now the son grows bigger and he starts to understand. I look forward to playing with him in the future."

  I only hope my daughter grows up healthy

  From being a son to being a husband, to being promoted to father in the past two years, "Ayang" is still learning how to be a better father along the way, and understands his father's feeling: "I absolutely understand myself "At that time, my father was so hard and moody, so I am very grateful to my parents." The child grew up, and what hope does "Ayang" have for the children? "I hope that she is healthy and happy, and she doesn't need her to be outstanding. The most important thing is that she has always been happy. Of course, I hope she will be filial, especially to love her mother. Parents take great care of their growth."