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Father's Day|A 18-year-old father's Jiayi MVP

Jun 24 - 2020

Father's Day|A 18-year-old father's Jiayi MVP

  When he met Cai Zaiqin, he should have started from the age of his outstanding men's academy. Later, he advanced to the science and technology of one of the college basketball powerhouses, and his basketball career also started. With his own efforts, he gradually became the "scoring king" of A1, and won the first "MVP" award of A1 last year. As everyone knows, it was not easy for him to walk along the way. At that time, he was still 18 years old. He had faced major life decisions and raised a child...

  18-year-old choice

  "At that time, I was just a freshman in college, and I had to decide whether I should give birth to a daughter. After all, the financial ability and pressure to take care of a child are quite heavy." The student and player status is already very busy, and it is not easy to be a father. "Aqin" is not only as simple as coping with practice, class, and grades. He is facing a small life and shouldering the responsibility of a father. "But I was still a lot of scruples at that time. I was worried that the news of being too young to have children was negative, so I didn't want to make it public." Facing the doubts and financial burden of becoming a young dad, "Aqin" considered a lot.

  But the support of his wife and the financial help of her mother made "Aqin" decide to take all of this and become an 18-year-old father. "While waiting for the eldest daughter to be born, although I am very happy and at the same time worried about her future, I am very nervous and anxious. In the first place, can I support the economic pressure; in the second, I do not know that I still have the opportunity to play my favorite basketball. I still remember that I worked part-time in the catering industry and made a little more money." That was the day when "Aqin" made "milk powder money" while participating in the Nike League competition. It is never easy to support a family, not to mention just a 18-year-old boy?

  School, basketball, father's burden

  "Aqin" did everything in his power to create a comfortable living environment for the mother and daughter. Until the eldest daughter Cai Xitong was born, he still felt everything "good" when he picked up his daughter. "When I picked up my eldest daughter for the first time, I thought I was really a dad. To be honest, I didn't seem to have grown up, but I had to raise a small life, and I was very surprised." The clear cry of her daughter made "Aqin" mature and tried his best to be a father. At the same time, it means that life no longer only has basketball as the center of gravity, but also has fuel, salt, and books for teaching. It is really not easy to strike a balance between family and basketball. "Aqin" still chooses to work hard to develop a basketball career.

  Miss the eldest daughter's gold growth period

  "Speaking of the eldest daughter, I really have little time to accompany her. During her golden growth period, I also took care of Nanqing and the Polytechnic men's basketball training, plus I had to go to Nanhua to practice, in other words, practice three teams." One week. For seven days, he was not at home every night. Even when he returned home, he was tired and fell asleep. The cry of her daughter did not wake up "Aqin." After hearing such training days, I have felt the fatigue and soreness coming from my muscles. Regarding sharing the memories of taking care of the eldest daughter, "Aqin" also embarrassedly smiled and said, "Actually, I really don't really have time to take care of her. I get up in bed early in the morning, teach basketball in the afternoon, practice the waves at night, and go to bed when I go home. The daughters are all taken care of by their wives." Therefore, in the eyes of "Aqin", the eldest daughter grew up quickly, and in a blink of an eye he had walked, talked, and went to school. He was also a little guilty about this: "I really missed a lot, but I didn't The way... Alas! I really have to choose. At that time, the basketball career was taking off, but I was also for the family, hoping to make money from playing waves and teaching waves to provide more resources for my daughter."

  The "sincere words" of older girls and children

  What I missed in my eldest daughter, "Aqin" re-experienced what is "mind girl" in her younger daughter, Cai Xueyu. "I have been watching my youngest daughter grow up, plus this epidemic relationship, I have more time to accompany them at home." Not afraid of being late, "Aqin" accompanies older girls and children from time to time to play in the stadium, and accompanies her to play "NBA2K" series of games, and will make up for the missed ones. The basketball strength of "Aqin" is undoubtedly, what is the father of basketball in the eyes of Tong Tong? "It's...the three-point wave will be "stir-fried"...", "I'm 13 years old enough to shoot a three-point wave to win my dad!", "I can shoot a three-point wave to win my dad's one-on-one. "", "I want to be like my dad playing Boza Lat." Although Tong Tong is still a child's language, he even thinks that "Aqin" often kisses her, but still feels that she admires Dad's basketball.

  Children become more perfect parents

  Innocent children are always a mirror of their parents to let them know what they are lacking. Of course, "Aqin" is no exception: "During the care of them, I only found that I really watched too many phone calls and made phone calls. Habit.” Tong Tong still did not forget to add one more sentence: “Daddy played the most games.” Looking back at the smile of “Aqin” is really awkward, but the child is so straightforward and simple, without any modification, making you Introspection becomes a better person.

  "I want to be a role model. I hope my daughters will learn how to persevere in the things they like in the future." "Aqin" looks like his father loves to live with two lovely daughters, although life was a bit difficult at first. However, after the hardest days, it will definitely get better in the future: "Thank you, my wife, for giving me a daughter. I have been supporting me in the background. I also thank my daughter for bringing me happiness in life. It turns out that some children are so happy."

  7 years later, still no regrets

  From worry-free students to learning to be a dad, from studying basketball technical videos to understanding the animated characters of "Frozen" and "PJ Masks", "Aqin" no longer only has basketball and fun. Now, everything is dominated by two daughters and his wife. "Aqin" still has no regrets. The daughters made his life more objective. "Before I used basketball, it was muddled. But with the daughters, After my family, my thoughts are really mature. I know how to plan for the future. I want to take a few more steps. I set goals at different stages and continue to work hard."