Good place for parents and children

Jun 24 - 2020

Good place for parents and children

  The brand-new outdoor balance bike park "Balance Bike Park" will be opened on June 22 at Sha Tin New Town Plaza, after which there will be more family holidays. There are also many places in Shatian suitable for parents to explore with their children, such as Cultural Museum and Snoopy Happy World. This article recommends a one-day trip to Shatian family, so that everyone can stay in the city and have a wonderful family day.

  ?‍♂AM: Balance Bike Park discharge

  New Town Plaza transformed the outdoor platform on the 3rd floor of Phase I into the first outdoor permanent balance bike park "Balance Bike Park @ New Town Plaza" in Hong Kong, which will officially open from 6pm on June 22. The first 100 children who have completed online booking and registration can personally choose their favorite car stickers and personalized name stickers to dress up their cars.

  The balance car park is designed with a wild jungle style mixed pinball machine. There are African elephants, giraffes, etc. in the field, which is very suitable for parents to punch cards for their children. The balance car park covers an area of ​​8,000 feet. It has a wide driveway and many fun little slopes, which can let children "discharge". There is also a special area for adult balance cars. Parents can enjoy the fun of balance cars. Although you can play at the Walk-in Balance Car Park, you can pre-register online from now on if you want to secure admission. For details, please refer to the relevant website.

  Address: 3rd Floor Platform of New City Plaza Phase I (location of the former tennis court)

  ? Morning: Free time to Snoopy Happy World punch card

  To go to Sha Tin New Town Plaza, of course, you have to punch in the free and open Snoopy World. Located next to the balance car park, there is Asia’s first outdoor playground with the theme of Snoopy comics, and there are more punching places in it

  ?Noon: 3 recommended parent-child restaurants

  After playing the balance car, I went to Snoopy Happy World to finish the card, and of course I had to eat. There are many restaurants near the Balance Bike Park. The reporter recommended three restaurants with wide locations, including children’s meals.

  Beans The Greenhouse: Popular Cafe with many food styles

  Beans The Greenhouse has both indoor and outdoor spaces, a comfortable environment, and a variety of cuisines. There is always one that even kids love. The most special thing about Beans is that the supplied Latte can be converted into cute, special three-dimensional lacing.

  [1] Beans The Greenhouse

  Address: Shop 503, 5th Floor, New City Central Plaza, No. 138 Shatian Rural Committee Road

  Business hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00-22:30

  Phone: 27777078

  ?Afternoon: Visit the Cultural Museum to learn from the game

  The Children's Discovery Museum of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum has 8 learning and play areas, especially designed for children aged 4 to 10 years. From exploring the mysteries of nature to experiencing the feelings of old Hong Kong in a simulation scene, it is very suitable for a family to spend a happy time.