On the motivational function of salary human resource management

Jun 24 - 2022

hrms hk

In the new economic situation, actively cultivating outstanding talents is the key to promote the rapid development of enterprises. The salary management in human resource management will directly affect the most basic material survival needs of employees, thus it can be seen that the staff salary management is essentially the fundamental motivation of employees' work, so in the process of enterprise human resource management, the role of salary management in the enterprise is very critical, enterprises must carry out scientific and rationalized eat salary management, and finally in the maximum above to fully bring out the motivation of employees. The company must carry out scientific and rationalized salary management, so that the employees can be fully motivated to work and contribute to the company or enterprise hrms hk.

In view of this, this paper mainly analyzes the incentive role of salary in human resource management. Key words: human resource management; salary and compensation; motivational role

At present, there are six main aspects in human resource management, namely human resource planning, recruitment and allocation, training and development, performance management, compensation and benefits management, and labor relations management, among which the role of salary and wages is very critical. The scientific and rational configuration of salary and wage management can bring out the employees' enthusiasm to a great extent, further increase the employees' sense of belonging, and thus create a better economic benefit for the enterprise, that is to say, in the process of human resource management, the status of salary and wage in which cannot be ignored.

In the past, the development of survival dominated the market position of society, wages and salaries in the human resources information management system occupies a dominant position, the development of the new economic era today, the changes in the working life environment of candidates and employees and changes in the management of enterprise production and operation risks, furthermore, the status of wages and salaries in the human resources asset management system is also very critical.

Second, the motivational role of salary and compensation in human resources information management Maslow's theory of different levels of needs, the main issues can be divided into five areas, which are self-worth realization social needs, respect needs, belonging and love needs, security and education needs analysis, and physiological functional needs. However, by comparing the two, we know that wages and salaries in human resource management have gradually begun to apply Maslow's theory of levels of needs.

Thirdly, the role of strengthening compensation in human resource management is the first one, which clarifies the direction of compensation design suitable for the development of the company. For any company, compensation design should be fully integrated with the company's own regulations and economic efficiency, analyzed for the company and set in a different way according to the inequality of positions and ranks in the organization.