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How did Castle Fun Park fare?

Jan 19 - 2023

How did Castle Fun Park fare?

When the Fraser Valley flooded in November 2021, Castle Fun Park was forced to close after suffering severe damage. It has now resumed operation. So it's time to play your excursion out to Castle Fun Park if you're prepared to play arcade games and exchange your tickets for prizes after whipping your friends on the go-kart track.

How did Castle Fun Park fare?

After a disastrous atmospheric river in November of last year brought record rains to the area and swollen streams, Castle Fun Park was essentially submerged under water. A video that was published in January demonstrates just some of the massive damage that the amusement park experienced on the inside and outside of the structure.

The Castle Fun Park closed when?

The park's closing, which upset many people because it had been a mainstay of Abbotsford since 1989. Both children and adults may have a good time enjoying the various entertaining activities that Castle Fun Park has to offer.

Before Castle Fun Park, what was it?

With its Go Kart racing, mini golf courses, batting cages, arcade games, and other activities, the entertainment park is a favorite with families. In addition, it serves as a site of nostalgia for many who were around when Wonderland was the name of the place.

Castle Fun Park: Will it be rebuilt?

The attraction's renovation was started earlier this year, and park owners just declared its opening in 2022. They say Castle Fun Park will reopen in the early summer, which may be as soon as the end of the month or in the first half of July, though no specific date has been given.

When was the name of Castle Fun Park changed?

When they received a fax from an Ontario amusement park complaining that they were violating their park's naming rights, the name was altered in 1998. The other park in Ontario possessed national rights to the name, whereas Wonderland only had provincial rights.

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