Three minutes to explain what is insurance? How do I want to buy it?

Oct 05 - 2021

Three minutes to explain what is insurance? How do I want to buy it?

When it comes to insurance, many people have big heads because the complicated and daunting insurance terms and conditions, as well as the enthusiastic and enticing explanations of salesmen, can make people feel overwhelmed.

So what about today, I'll try to tell you what insurance is in three minutes. There are two types of insurance: protection and financial. First of all, insurance that helps you hedge against the risk of 索償 accidents is protection insurance. If there is no accident, you will not get back the principal, but once the accident occurs, touching the claims clause, you may get a lot of compensation, the amount of compensation will certainly greatly exceed your principal.

We often hear the five insurance, personal insurance, accident insurance, in fact, all belong to this they are like the seat belt on the car. When nothing happens, you feel useless, just like renovation, but once something happens it can save your life. Protection insurance is worth buying, but you have to choose the right kind for you according to your needs. In addition to protection insurance, there is also financial insurance, regardless of its terms. Uncomplicated, no matter how fancy his words are, you only need to figure out three elements, annuity, dividends, and universal account. Annuity is the money you have to pay every year, dividends are the money you can get back every year later. The universal account is the reinvestment of the annuity and dividends.

Of these three elements, the annuity is fixed and the contract will state that you will pay money every year, but the dividends and universal account are not fixed and will generally give you a relatively low guaranteed income, and the portion beyond the guaranteed income is uncertain. But no matter how he packages it, financial insurance is essentially a financial product in the end. One of the biggest signs of a financial product is to see if it has a high rate of return. However, for various reasons, the general financial insurance does not have a high yield. Since the rate of return is not high, is wealth management insurance worth buying? When your wealth is free, when you feel that your next generation is not reliable, when you are worried that you cannot get rich for three generations, financial insurance can help you achieve a stable inheritance of wealth. But if your name. Doesn't appear on the Forbes rich list, you don't actually need to worry about it, okay? Do you understand? Protection insurance is worth buying, and financial insurance is unnecessary for most people.

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The right way to buy insurance, remember these three is enough.

Three minutes to explain what is insurance? How do I want to buy it?

Don't know how to get insured? One can make you understand the whole point of knowledge.