How to choose a payment channel, taking into account these 3 points!

Apr 25 - 2022

How to choose a payment channel, taking into account these 3 points!

1. Security of the channel.

The security of the channel is the security of the merchant's funds. financial management software The channel company's guarantee of the safety of the merchant's funds is the primary factor considered by merchants on offshore card acquiring platforms.

The funds are settled by the bank to the channel company, which settles to the merchant, and the channel company is directly involved in the chain of the merchant's funds. Therefore, corporate integrity is an important aspect for merchants to consider beyond the channel.

If the merchant's capital is not protected, then there is no need to discuss the issue of access. When choosing a collection agency, it is best to work with an official payment company that has its own license.

2. Stability of the channel.

If the primary consideration is the security of the channel, payment platforms for websites then stability is at the back of the list. The technical stability of the channel is not stable, the channel has no restrictions on the collection, there is no unimpeded collection.

If a channel often has problems with collection, or abnormal collection management, this is a great loss to the merchant, the buyer does not pay successfully, there is no transaction volume in.

These problems in the channel, the merchant loss is not only the order more serious impact is also the loss of customer base. Therefore, the channel stability for the merchant is also very important to find. 

3. the success rate of the channel.

Is the success rate of the channel, the value of the channel is directly related to the success rate, merchant store success orders, the only direct impact is the success rate.

If a channel success rate of 60%-70%, another channel success rate of 90%-95%, and then a hundred single, the latter than the former into 20 or 30 orders, then the channel on the profits of the channel value is higher.