5G + Telematics platform to speed up the combination, how to occupy the market system fortress of the car module leader?

May 20 - 2022

5G + Telematics platform to speed up the combination, how to occupy the market system fortress of the car module leader?

At this stage, with the C-V2X, 5G and other new technologies have been improved, all the car networking platform sales market into the key period of transformation and development, a number of early reasonable layout of the car communication module company also first step into the industrialization of goods mass production.

For example, in China's new energy vehicle industry, the front-loading 4G communication module market share ranked first shift far communication, not only has a detailed car module product line covering new technologies such as 5G, C-V2X, LTE, Android system intelligence, Wi-Fi and GNSS positioning and navigation, still in early 2021 first established the industrialized delivery of 5G, 5G + C-V2X car scale group.

In the past two years, intelligent networked cars and new energy technology cars have accelerated the completion of industrialized use, which in turn has driven the rapid increase in the sales volume of 4G cellular vehicle module.

Although there are many users in the communication module sales market, and the industry competition is very fierce, but because the automotive field itself takes strict selection norms for dealers, although several module manufacturers have developed relative in-vehicle goods, but there are few that really do mass production deliveries in the host factory.

From the end of last year, gradually, applicable 5G or C-V2X and other cutting-edge technology of the car series have been mass production for sale, the technical barriers of the car communication module sales market with further increase, not only to have rapid iterative upgrade of the technical level, but also to develop a clear and detailed commodity line.

In addition, in the trend of "software-defined car", including car communication module, T-BOX and other car networking platform hardware configuration manufacturers also face as a hardware system applicable and compatible with different cell phone software distributed database architecture of many tests, must use the latest "open + platform The latest "openness + platform" strategy to carry out a reasonable layout of goods.

In this way, the big competition of major players in the worldwide car module industry chain has developed into a multi-faceted market competition with clear product portfolio strategy overall planning, detailed ecological environment management system, strong development software, and its overall strength such as continuous smooth and high quality delivery capability.

I. New opportunities for the renewal of in-vehicle communication module sales market

Along with the gradual popularization of intelligent networked vehicles, the market demand for automotive communication modules has been expanding. On one side is the continuous rise in the rate of front-fitted 4G Telematics platform, and on the other side is the replacement sales market provided by the upgrading of 4G to 5G.

The data monitoring of Senior Engineer Intelligent Vehicle Research Institute shows that from January to June 2022, the amount of new automotive Telematics platform pre-installed equipped in China sales market is 5,527,900 units, and the equipped rate is raised by 50% for the first time to do 54.97%. Along with the rapid increase in the coverage of the car intelligent system and electric style, the total renewal and increase in the market capacity according to the different product portfolio strategies such as 4GLTE module, 5G module and C-V2X module is great.

Wang Min, manager of the vehicle front-loading business unit of Mobile Telecommunication,gnss module indicates that under the general theme of China's vigorous development of 5G, C-V2X and other new technologies, China's Telematics platform sales market has stepped into an unprecedented market opportunity. In turn, the demand for communication modules for intelligent networked vehicles will increase, further promoting the continuous growth of the communication module sales market.

On the other hand, in the environment of "software-defined car", the amount of cell phone software coding for cars is increasing, and communication module manufacturers must improve their own development software capabilities to ensure that they can significantly reduce the development time and capital investment of customers.

There is no doubt that the battle to enhance the sales market of in-vehicle communication modules has been waged. Wang Min indicated that the industry competition is getting more and more fierce, which is not necessarily wrong, but will promote the overall field of continuous progress and development trend, and Mobile Communication has worked hard in the automotive industry for many years, and has accumulated very strong overall strength in the areas of product planning, service support, quality control and commodity delivery, etc., to produce diversified main core competitiveness, which is also the confidence of Mobile Communication to deal with industry competition belongs to This is where MobileTech's confidence lies.

Mobile Far Communication is an early and reasonable layout in the field of in-vehicle communication module of the Internet of Things technology and the overall solution of the vehicle network platform dealers, as early as 2015 released the LTE in-vehicle communication module, so far has developed a perfect vehicle specification product line, including 5G, C-V2X, LTE-A, LTE, WI-FI and other front-end wireless transmission technology and GNSS positioning and navigation technology sex.

In addition, mobile far communication also face the vehicle front center console car multimedia, AIBOX and other applications developed a sufficient Android system intelligent module. Unlike the standard car communication module, the Android system intelligent module, because of embedded motherboard chip and running memory and operating Android system software, combines the advantages of excellent performance, high integration and easy development and design, in addition to giving the role of cellular communication, Wi-Fi, BT, GNSS, etc., there is a strong measurement capacity and sufficient external device socket.

This feature can assist the car to complete the role of multi-screen display heterodyne, USB/Wi-Fi car interconnection, etc. Meanwhile, according to the self-research AIS (AutomotiveImageSystem) development and design module, it can achieve different car application scenarios such as 360 panoramic map steering, DMS (driver detection system), car recorder, AR navigation bar for customers, and it can Apply T-BOX communication capability for real-time monitoring of car conditions.

At this stage, the Android system intelligent module of MobileTech has already been perfected and diversified in the automotive industry, including Wuling, Dongfeng, BAIC, Geely, T3 Travel and other multi-shaped car machines and equipment have been commonly delivered in mass production.

At the same time, MobileTech also gives the car wireless antenna and other commodities that are compatible with the car communication module, which can meet the access requirements of various customers with different car networking platform applications.

At the APP development level, MobileTech has previously released the QuecOpen embedded operating system software development platform, which allows customers to carry out convenient secondary development according to MobileTech modules and quickly enable the module cell phone software role and external hardware configuration socket.

In addition, it must be especially mentioned that MobileTech's new in-vehicle project has recently passed the ASPICECL2 (Automotive Software Customization Process Improvement and Competency Evaluation Entity Model Level 2) assessment and announced that it has been granted the authoritative ASPICECL2 certification. This certification is internationally recognized as an authoritative influence and is the market access barrier to the supply management system of famous domestic and foreign body-in-white companies. This also represents that MobileTech's development software capability in the intelligent networked vehicle industry has reached a world-leading level.

The overall strength of MobileTech's leadership in the vehicle industry has earned it the general recognition of the automotive sales market. So far, more than 30 famous car manufacturers and more than 60 popular Tier1 manufacturers around the world have used MobileTech's modules for their in-vehicle intelligent connectivity, mainly including T-BOX, intelligent wireless antenna, in-vehicle website navigation, connected network car system and other scenarios.