The difference between injection molding and metal injection molding processes

Jun 18 - 2022

The difference between injection molding and metal injection molding processes

3D printing was first established as 3d molding a form of additive manufacturing technology, also known as additive materials, and has rapidly evolved into a real manufacturing process. 3D copiers allow technical engineers and companies to produce both prototypes and end-use goods at the same time, offering significant advantages over traditional manufacturing processes. Such advantages include the integration of the supply chain, improved playability of design solutions, allowing for reduced installation, and the ability to use it as an economically efficient process for small and large production runs.

Differences in raw materials

3D printing out of raw materials specifically mobile mine liquid epoxy resin (SLA), polyester powdered (SLS), metal powder (SLM), cable (FDM), etc. Liquid epoxy resin, polyester powdered and metal powder occupies the majority of the sales market for industrial production 3D printing out.

The raw materials used for CNC mtr hk machining are all piece by piece furniture plates, according to the precise measurement of the size of the parts + loss, and then go to the laser cutting matching the size of the furniture plate for production and processing. CNC machining raw materials selection than 3D printing out more, general hardware and plastic furniture plates can carry out CNC machining, and forming components to the relative density than 3D printing out good. The difference in parts caused by the basic principle of forming is also a matter of concern.

Differences in parts caused by the basic principles of forming

3D printing is a solid model cut into N layers / N more, and then stacked up in order layer by layer / little by little, like a game of building blocks. Thus, 3D printing can reasonably produce parts with complicated structure, such as hollow carved parts, while CNC is difficult to complete the production processing of hollow carved parts.

CNC processing is a reduction in material manufacturing, according to the high-speed rotation of a variety of CNC blades, in accordance with the program to write precision carving software laser cutting to send the required parts. Therefore, CNC machining only production and processing of a certain inclination of the arc, the outer bevel CNC machining is not a problem, but it is difficult to immediately produce and process the inner bevel, according to the wire cutting / spark discharge and other processing technology to complete. In addition for the bevel, CNC machining production processing bevel is very time-consuming, and if the program and the operator teacher work experience is not enough, it is very easy to leave a prominent texture on the parts. For parts with internal bevels or bevels with more total area, 3D printing out will not have the problem of difficult production and processing.

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