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What can the calculation rate network be used for?

Jul 19 - 2022

What can the calculation rate network be used for?

Recently, in Neijiang City, Sichuan Province, households in both urban areas and villages can enjoy medical and health services by accessing and viewing medical imaging materials online at any time through a medical imaging big data platform. On this platform, the city's medical imaging data is instantly aggregated and shared, enabling information sharing and mutual recognition of results, reducing repeated patient checks and thus significantly improving the efficiency of confirming diagnosis.

Similarly, in Sheyang County, Yanchenglpwa solutions City, Jiangsu Province, "desktop cloud" to the county's 63 primary and secondary schools added a new cloud-based teaching feeling, solving the problem of difficult data sharing between classes and subjects, educational resources easily lost. Such "cloud classroom" can also be based on the scale of different institutions, to provide flexible configuration of the program to prevent input consumption.

"These are the cases of mobile cloud in promoting the social situation of arithmetic rate network, an era of arithmetic rate as the core productivity is accelerating." Qian Ling, group-level chief expert of China Mobile and general manager of the technical department of China Mobile's Cloud Competence Center, said.

What does it mean to be an arithmetic rate network? According to Qian Ling, the calculation rate network can be seen as an upgraded version of the close combination of cloud computing and network, like water and electricity, into "a little connection, instant access to both" social services, providing endless volume of computing power and always online services. "For example, the computing rate network is similar to a supercomputer with 'computing as the center and network as the bus'."

The close integration of cloud computing and network is an inevitable trend, and the arithmetic rate network, as the next generation of operation and management after the integration of cloud and network, has become the "fuel" for the rapid development of information society and digital economy. The key to the services provided by the traditional cloud computing is focused on the calculation rate, and in the era of digital economy, the big data generated by huge and complicated economic activities has become an irreplaceable production factor in the allocation of market resources. Relying on the communication network infrastructure represented by 5G, industrial IoT, etc. and the arithmetic rate infrastructure represented by data center, the arithmetic rate network can meet the requirements of "East data and West data", and combine with cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. to create situational solutions for different fields.

What are the typical industries for rate network application? According to the doctor, in the industry of "East data and West calculation", such as voice solution and film and animation production, can be completed with the calculation rate of the western server, and the big data calculation results back to the east. Another example, medical image data need to be stored for 15 to 30 years, these image data can be stored in the low-carbon, low-cost western data center, when necessary, as long as the calculation results back to the east to meet business needs.

Qianling said, for example, rendering is an important part of the production of film and television animation, 3D games, architectural roaming, etc. It is also the most resource- and time-consuming stage, with high requirements for computing resources and as short as possible for network link latency regulations. Take a famous domestic animation work: a 10-minute character dash clip, consisting of more than 10,000 interfaces, the traditional rendering mode must consume a lot of time and labor costs. According to the calculation rate network to move the above business to the cloud host, only 5 hours to complete, is 1% of the traditional rendering time.

Qian Ling indicated that, under the background of "East Data and West Calculation", China Mobile is comprehensively accelerating the construction of calculation rate network, taking calculation as the center and network as the foundation, building mobile cloud resource pool system according to the layout of data center clusters, further promoting the application of calculation rate network in a large number of industries such as national governance and social livelihood, and boosting the development of digital economy.

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