What are the material requirements for processing degradable tableware?

Jun 23 - 2020

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Degradable tableware has always been the environmental education industry eco friendly utensils promoted by the relevant technology industry management policies. Nowadays, more and more people are optimistic about its huge market economy potential and have the idea to join some related biodegradable tableware processing industries in order to earn a considerable industry income. So what level of material design requirements do students have to achieve when entering the industry in China in order to meet its standards? Next, I will express our views on my country.

1. Related processing

All degradable production, in addition to complying with the specified environmental protection standards in the relevant policies, must undergo several rounds of quality inspection to ensure that it can be successfully circulated in the market through formal channels. In addition, there are related decontamination treatments for such products to ensure that such results can meet the standards of relevant pollution regulations.

2. Comply with health regulations and standards

In addition to the relevant environmental protection standards, the relevant sanitation regulations also stipulate the production of biodegradable tableware (biodegradable tableware and other requirements to be considered). After all, the potential of such products is huge, and there will be strict rectification requirements. Under such strict regulations, it is required not to use related deteriorating products to ensure that there will be other health effects for consumers after the goods are circulated. Harmful audience behavior.

Three, do not use related agents

In addition to achieving the first two items, it is also necessary to ensure that some other ingredients are outside the regulations but conflict with the relevant biodegradable tableware production industry. For example, many reagents such as related fluorescent whitening agents cannot be used in the product manufacturing industry. In addition, it must ensure that the materials used in its products are recyclable, easy to handle and collect.

In general, the production of biodegradable tableware in a country strictly controls related production requirements. Behind the development of an important industry, China has experienced many difficulties, not only can it meet the standards of environmental protection and hygiene, but also It is necessary to meet the requirements for improving the relevant agents to ensure that the life education and health information security in the hands of social consumers is actually maintained.