Those I loved | 9 alternative uses for coffee shops

Jun 24 - 2020

Those I loved | 9 alternative uses for coffee shops

  The wireless drama series "Those I Loved" is hot. Many plots happen in coffee shops. For example, Huang Cui and Lin Wenlong often meet at the coffee shop. Huang Cui Ruzhong sells insurance to the man. Lin Wenlong is a female Su Haoerzhong. Go to the coffee shop to read books! "Hong Kong 01" food reporter counts the alternative behaviors encountered in 9 coffee shops, such as loudly counting, taking coffee shop as an office, etc.!

  Can coffee shop do coffee? In fact, there are all kinds of people in the coffee shop. Some people will ask for a book, some people will work as an office, and some people will sell insurance. Journalists hate being harassed by someone loudly!

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