How to make the perfect espresso

Aug 19 - 2020

How to make the perfect espresso

How to make the perfect espresso? It's actually very simple. Since it is an espresso, what must be prepared is:

1. Espresso machine

Espresso coffee machines have a large selection. There are also various brands and some unknown small brands on the market, each advertised under the name of espresso machines to consumers. I would like to give you some advice on the espresso machine brand. Don't buy the "toy machine". The production is really not good. The budget is at least 2,000 yuan. It can basically be called an entry machine!

2. Italian grinder

The Italian grinder is also very different from other grinders. It is best to use an electric grinder to ensure that the ground powder is uniform. The budget cannot be less than 1,500 yuan. Anyone who knows coffee knows that the importance of the grinder and the coffee machine are the same.

3. Italian coffee beans

For the choice of coffee beans, many friends will choose large foreign brands (I will not say the name). The brand and origin are indeed good. What I want to say is:

First of all, you can be sure that the beans you buy are genuine real beans;

Secondly, when your beans arrive in your hands, you all know that coffee beans also have the best drinking time. Although they have not expired, their freshness no longer exists.

4. Personal operation, and technical parameters

The personal operation and technical parameters here include the grinder scale, coffee machine brand powder quantity, time, etc.

To produce the perfect espresso, the above requirements must be met!

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