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Declaration of becoming a saving demon! A side dish list that makes making lunch easier

Sep 08 - 2020

Declaration of becoming a saving demon! A side dish list that makes making lunch easier

Pinch this month! I have to tie my purse!

Lunch is always out and I go to a stylish cafe


that? Maybe I have no money this month? !!

Is there anyone in a pinch?

Challenge to make lunch!

You can save a lot if you refrain from eating out lunch every day!

The only way to save money quickly is to be a lunch girl!

☆ A device to prevent it from ending in 3 days

You can say that you can easily make a bento by mouth, but there is a big challenge.

Yes, it's shaved for 3 days...!

It's really troublesome to make it everyday.

It's a word that has been made a lot and has become a hot topic recently, so many people know it.

If you make something that is difficult to make on weekdays or something that can be preserved on holidays and only make side dishes that can be easily made on weekdays, it will be less troublesome!

Then, I will introduce what you should make and keep.

But to save money, you have to make a lunch.

That's why I can't even get up early...

The idea that 3 days is not recommended for such people is to make little by little!


What I want to set on Sunday is the preparation system.

Let's make something that you do not want to spend time on a busy weekday, or something that is convenient to prepare!


The hamburger steak is a classic side dish for lunch.

Let's just make the seeds and let it freeze.

It's as easy as baking in the morning, and you can make your lunch a little luxurious.

Of course, you can use it for dinner!

It is a convenient item to make.

Seasoned egg

Seasoned eggs color the bento.

It's better if it's soaked in the taste, so it's better to pickle it on Sundays!

It is convenient that it can also be used as a snack.

Kinpira burdock

Kinpira burdock is also a classic bento.

Kinpira burdock is convenient when there is a gap in the lunch box.

Put it in the tapper and store it in the refrigerator!


On hamburger lunch prepared yesterday on Monday!

Place the fried egg in a loco moco bowl. How about trying a different atmosphere?

It's very easy because you just put it on.

It is also possible to make a gorgeous bento with a boiled egg.

Aya is really beautiful!


■ Salmon Meunier

You can use grilled salmon, but why don't you make a little effort to make Meunier?

It has a fluffy texture that you cannot taste with grilled salmon.

1 piece of raw silver salmon



Wheat flour

1 tablespoon olive oil

Butter 5g

1/6 lemon


■Boiled sweet potato with lemon

It's a simple side dish that you can cook just by watching TV at night.

You can make simple things even on weekdays!

1 sweet potato

2 large pieces of sugar

Lemon juice large 2

If you add sweet potatoes, it looks like a box lunch that seems to have a little girl power.

I think it's because there is a visual feeling that it contains vegetables.

Let's serve it with meat!


■ Boiled spinach

In the second half of the tired week, just boil spinach! Lol

Spinach is the only ingredient!

It's boiled, but it's super convenient because it can be soaked or Japanese-style!

It's a loss to make it ~.


Friday will not make anything anymore!

Let's make a lunch box for a large set of side dishes like a one-week summary!

Of course, if you can afford it, try grilling the meat.

In addition to the side dishes you make, you can also use small tomatoes as they are, so please make good use of them!

Let's start saving life with this!

As a reward for working hard on lunches from Sunday to Friday, Saturdays are also reserved!

I think it's okay to think about what kind of bento to eat next week.

You can't save money because making lunch is a pain.

That excuse doesn't work anymore!

Please make good use of the make-up ♪