IKEA push egg yolk meatballs Dragon Boat Festival how many meatballs are there?

Nov 17 - 2021

IKEA push egg yolk meatballs Dragon Boat Festival how many meatballs are there?

  IKEA's new limited-time product "egg yolk meatballs"

  IKEA will launch a limited-time "yolk meatball dumplings" from now until the 25th (Dragon Boat Festival). It will only be available at Tsuen Wan branch restaurant, Sha Tin, Kowloon Bay branch restaurant and Causeway Bay food station. "Meatball rice dumplings" was originally on the disc. You have to dismantle the rice dumplings by yourself and look down like a palm.

  Earlier, IKEA launched the $9 D24 durian new tube. This reporter has tried it out. It turns out that the durian ice cream is of high quality. Even the photography brother wants to encore. Don’t miss the favorite durian!

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  Yuen Long has always gathered a lot of foods. In addition to street foods, there are many high-quality food restaurants, such as Yinshi Taiwanese beef noodles, taro toast, and Japanese snacks such as Maichi, Matcha roll eggs and Japanese Ge Ge cake. There are so few old-fashioned cakes, all are just right!

  Popular Japanese shop  The Japanese-style shop that the reporter personally recommended has been popular with the neighborhood since it moved into Yuen Long from the West Kowloon Center! Although Metisha glutinous rice dumplings are very well-known, the reporter’s favorite is matcha roll eggs and Japanese kudzu cake. The matcha-flavored kudzu cake is not too sweet and the matcha flavor is strong, but the reporter suggested that it is best to dine, because there will be dishes in the dish Starting from condensed milk, you won't get dirty easily!