How to judge sake, it's easy to grasp these 5 tips

Jun 26 - 2022

How to judge sake, it's easy to grasp these 5 tips

As Japanese food becomes more popular,sake tasting hong kong more and more customers are coming to taste sake. First-time tasters may be reminded of the taste of sake or rice wine. In fact, contemporary mizutaki has begun to take on an international dimension with the emergence of bubble-type mizutaki and strawberry seedling and peach-flavored mizutaki.

Sake is a delicate flavor and it is bitmain antminer s19 pro for sale important to take your time to appreciate the effects of its expression, but not everyone needs to become a master of it, even if there are ways to enjoy and appreciate it that will help you get started quickly.
1. Start with your favorite taste

It is important to create a hobby for Ngau Tam Mei sake from this, because only if you grow to love it will there be a sense of further research.

2. Memorize the classification of sake
When looking for your favorite taste, it is important to understand the basic categorization and definition of sake. What is meant by "original brewing system"? What do you mean by "spicy" and "sweet"? This makes it easy to compare your preferences and find a large number of ways to match your own flavor.

3. Use the wine label to find your way around

In fact, wine labels are a very good database index, and compared to red wine and whiskey, water wine labels are very carefully labeled. In addition to the product name, it also contains: grade, acid value, alcohol content, rice degree, application of raw materials; moreover, there is a graphical method to coordinate the type of wine, and to make the taste, aroma, drinkable ambient temperature measurement, very clear.
4. Participate in wine tasting sessions
Although sake tasting is very good on its own, most of it is not suitable for cutting in the middle of a meal. Experts believe that eating Japanese food with sake can be more life-oriented and impressive.

5. SSI Sake Certification System Training
Like wine lovers, in order to better systematically learn and fully understand the knowledge of red wine, to participate in WSET (British Wine and Spirits Education Foundation verification) learning training, generally at the junior level, gradually to the senior development trend.
There are also training programs similar to WSET, such as SSI (SakeServiceInstitute), whose head office is located in Japan, and whose professional qualifications include: aqueous wine (waiter), shochu (waiter), and international (waiter) (non-Japanese testing, English, Chinese and Korean testing). Sake maker: The ability to work with water wine and shochu tasting is the main focus, without classroom instruction. Japanese sake teachers: Experts teach the basics of sake and shochu as the main focus, and are able to set up special lectures and send students qualifications.


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