Recommended Beaches with Higher Water Quality Rating in Hong Kong

Jul 25 - 2023

Recommended Beaches with Higher Water Quality Rating in Hong Kong

When tourists go to the beach to play, besides choosing the beach with fine sand, they also have certain requirements on the water quality, and the recommended beaches with higher water quality rating are often very popular among tourists. Playing in the water on hot summer days is the best way to beat the heat. While enjoying the sunshine and the beach, you would like to swim in a place with better water quality. Hong Kong does have many famous beaches, but when it comes to beaches with higher water quality ratings, which ones are worth visiting?

Highly rated beaches - Repulse Bay

The Repulse Bay, located in the Southern District of Hong Kong, is famous for its long stretches of sandy beaches and crystal clear water, and is also known as the Hawaii of the Orient. A lot of tourists who have been there before will choose this place as one of the classic beach recommendations. In addition to the large size of the beach, Repulse Bay has a high convenience index, so it is no wonder that it is often on the list of recommended beaches, which can be reached directly by car or by transportation.

Sam Shing Wan is a highly rated beach with high water quality.

The water quality of Samsung Bay in Sai Kung can reach five stars, probably due to the low flow of people here, because there is no direct transportation, you need to use the street ferry or walk to get there, but the water quality here is even better, with crystal clear water and fine sand, no matter you want to take a walk here to watch the sunset, or you want to swim in the water, it is a good choice. Beach Recommendations Samsung Bay is good in all aspects, but the transportation is not convenient enough, so you should do a good job of planning before you go.

Highly rated water quality beaches recommended East Bay Beach

Another good water quality beaches recommended to choose Cheung Chau East Bay Beach, affected by the epidemic, many Hong Kong people may not have tried to travel, the use of the weekend time can go to the outlying islands to relax. The East Bay Beach on Cheung Chau will not disappoint you on this vacation, with a four-star water quality rating and convenient access to Cheung Chau Pier. In addition to the crystal clear water, you can also take a stroll on the beach with your family and see Lamma Island in the distance. Therefore, the beach recommendation of Tung Wan Beach has received a lot of favorable comments.