What causes birth defects, how to prevent them, and what measures to take in the article!

Mar 16 - 2022

What causes birth defects, how to prevent them, and what measures to take in the article!

Birth defects are abnormalities in morphology, structure, function, metabolic diseases list and metabolic, mental, and behavioral abilities that begin to occur in the mother's womb before the child is born.

Abnormalities in morphological development structure are important manifestations of congenital malformations, such as anencephaly, spina bifida, hare lip, abnormal limbs, etc. Defects in physiological system function and metabolic control often lead to some congenital mental retardation, deafness, dumbness and other abnormalities.

What factors cause birth defects

Significant increase in the incidence of genetic diseases caused by inbreeding

Increased risk of Down's syndrome in older pregnancies

Nutritional deficiencies during pregnancy (e.g., folic acid deficiency) can lead to neural tube abnormalities (e.g., spina bifida)

Pregnant women can develop viral infections (such as rubella virus) that can cause birth defects

Pregnant women with diseases such as diabetes can have an increased incidence of fetal malformations

Pregnant women using certain medications may be teratogenic

Pregnant women with bad habits (such as drug use, smoking, alcohol consumption, heavy coffee consumption) can increase the incidence of fetal malformations

Exposure to toxic chemicals (e.g. mercury, lead, benzene, pesticides, X-rays) during pregnancy

How to prevent birth defects

When a person becomes aware that he or she or a family member may be at risk for some genetic disorder, he or she should see a genetic eugenicist as soon as possible, usually preferably before marriage.

If one is already married, it is best to get pregnant before conception, to get pregnant earlier, to get pregnant for the second time, and to get genetic counseling for the birth of a child with a defect so that the child does not lose the most appropriate time for treatment.

Specific measures: 1.

1. early intervention for screening of congenital metabolic diseases in newborns

2. Newborn hearing screening, early detection, prevention and reduction of hearing impairment

3. The development of child health care, that is, through the design of standard medical examinations early research to detect deformities and defects to strive for timely analysis of surgical patient treatment conceived a corporate healthy baby, is the common desire of every Chinese family.

Prevention of birth defects is more important than treatment, good pre-conception, prenatal and newborn screening these three hurdles, can prevent and control birth defects to a large extent.

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