What should I do if my child has phenylketonuria?

Mar 22 - 2022

pku handbook

The sacredness and romance pku handbook of the wedding hall, the beauty and expectation of pregnancy in October, the gratitude and responsibility when you fall to the ground, all come from the concerto of the movement of life, from the time when family love is going on, it all comes so naturally Harmony is so gratifying, just behind the natural enjoyment of the family, a drop of heel blood disturbs this harmony, breaks this tranquility, shatters this beauty, and covers all this joy!

Once this little life comes into the world, if there is a disease, the parents will recognize it and take care of it quickly. But the doctor said that the child has no major problems and does not need special treatment, but requires regular blood collection and review. The reason is that the phenylalanine (phe) of the child's blood drop report is slightly higher than the normal value, and the abnormal value is not given treatment, but it is not difficult to continuously review it! Many parents go back and forth in large and small hospitals across the country, search for domestic and foreign files on the Internet, and then let outpatient doctors painstakingly exchange... Don't worry, the child is still so young, the consequences of delaying treatment time are unimaginable!

Screening is a normal scientific data, normal data screening, step-by-step classification, neonatal disease screening is also a set of laboratory data, more than neonatal data is observation, further diagnosis, there are three results: normal, Sick and suspicious. The first case ruled out the disease, everyone was very happy, the third case was diagnosed with the disease, and it was further treated in time, accepting or not having to face it, only the second case made people struggle and struggle again. I suggest these parents to relax their minds and follow the doctor's advice for regular check-ups, a good attitude will be able to better face all the difficulties and entanglements, I believe that everything will be alright, we must believe.


無激素雞翼 By:Josie